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NordVPN confirms it was hacked

Obviously anyone know about this news.

NordVPN, a virtual private network provider that promises to “protect your privacy online,” has confirmed it was hacked.

source: TechCrunch

Now the question is, every vpn providers commit to protect your privacy online but how can we believe that they speak truth?

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Well that sux, thx for sharing @rootwilliamson

Oh dear. :slight_smile:

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I mean technically absolutely noone is safe from hacker attacks of some sort.
That being said, I do not trust NordVPN. They are accused of buying good reviews and they are obviously spending tons of cash on their marketing campaign… somehow I just don’t trust ‘privacy/security’ firms that behave and advertise this way.
But this is my personal opinion, take it for what you want.

That were really :nerd_face: funny. Thank you.

haha its all over twitter

What do think that VPN reviews sites are speaking truth or they also made a paid reviews?

Sadly. Mostly are all paid for , it s what I really think.

idk about the vpn industry as such, but isnt that how marketing works now a days. just because the reviews are paid for, doesnt mean they are lieing, but doesnt mean theyre telling the truth either. i feel like the best review you can get is on forums like these where the users actually exist

Yeah, but paid reviews feels like cheating, also there are a lot of marketing ads that is made to look like serious articles, that also feels like they are trying to cheat since it is made to look like something it is not. But that is called progess…:money_mouth_face:

youre not wrong fam. as a matter of fact it is considered a bad practice by google btw. but the big corporates get away with it. then there is tunnelbear, a very underrated service just because there are not a bunch of articles on it. Im using pure myself, they have a different approach as opposed to other providers. right now they have a buy one gift twelve. I mean thats bizarre but hey they both provide the same level of service and way cheaper.