No video with supported format or MIME type found

Newbie here, just installed AL two days ago and been encountering this error when trying to play videos. I’m using the default firefox and plug-ins.

Am I missing any codecs?

Please post output from terminal; might help you out. Not much info here in order for people to help.

inxi -G

Edit: also do you have Youtube Flash Player addon installed on Firefox .

Is your system updated as well. Might give us a clue here @WalkingFish

Did you install an application to play video?

To check what mime type it uses

xdg-mime query filetype /path/to/video.mp4
xdg-mime query filetype /path/to/video.mkv

Will give you something like video/mp4 and video/x-matroska respectively

Now set a default application to use for that mime type

xdg-mime default vlc.desktop video/mp4
xdg-mime default vlc.desktop video/x-matroska

@altman @natemaia Thank you, I’m actually trying to play the video online from a website and not from a local video file.

Currently I am having issue of booting up the OS. :smiley: A recent updated nvidia driver gave me a black login screen. Since I’m a noob, my solution was to re-install. And the result was I can’t even boot up the system, after long search online, I found a thread from this forum that said it was a common issue and the solution was to install the newest 12/18 iso, which I am currently d/ling.

Hope it will work on your side @WalkingFish

@altman I am back and alive! Wow the new installer looked nothing like the old one. I like it.

The issue persists however. Sorry I wasn’t clear before, I can’t play the video from some websites and not a local file. For example, one of the website is this site. I can play it on my windows and mac with no issue, but encountered this error everytime I’m using Arch. I’m thinking I must be missing some codecs … and would like to get it. How can I check?

Thank you so much for taking time for my nuance questions.

It s weird, can t play your link on my side either, wonder if it s a protected site or whatever.

Maybe someone else will chim in in order to help you out.

Make sure you have the gstreamer-*** packages, usually installing a solid video player will get you all the codecs pulled in as dependencies, there’s a bunch of common ones like libmatroska, x264, x265, and libmad for mkv, h264/5, and mp3/4 respectively.

Grabbing something like mplayer, mpv, or vlc should pull in these plus most of the lesser known/used ones, see here for more info

This being said, some things sites still use some kind of locked format or other and the videos just aren’t playable, (no longer operational) comes to mind here in Canada, can’t think of a more relevant one.


Thank you so much for your answer. I have installed VLC on startup but it still can’t play anything on that particular site. Anyways, I have found other sites that I can use, is just a bit shame since that particular site has the most things I want to watch.

Thank you.

Have you looked @natemaia s links above ! Might help you out. You might miss some codecs on your install.