No install option

So I just booted ArchLabs iso for the first time on my old laptop but for some reason I don’t see install option.
Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

From @Head_on_a_Stick s post in that thread; It might help you out @Trzynu

pacman -Sy archlabs-installer



not 100% sure that’s the installer since I haven’t tried the lastest. If not,

#ls -las /usr/bin/*installer*

may help you locate the needed one.


You mean on the grub menu? It’s not there. Boot the install media, you auto-login as root. Then “installer” will start the installation.

Once booted, you’re in a fully functional command line environment. So, if you want to partition your disk or set up networking (with nmtui) or some other pre-install admin you can do that before running installer.