No Gui (openbox) and DM after installation

I’m a little perplexed. If you had a successful install of AL, IIRC, it should just boot up into Openbox as a default. Nothing more for you to add. So I think that there were other issues that happened and were not mentioned. At this point, it sounds like you are having alot of issues.

It might be a better option (since its a vbox instance) to reinstall from the very beginning.
That’s what I would do at least since it sounds like all you have invested is a little time and no real configs etc. Of course, weeding through the issues is a good choice if you really want to get into some of the meat and 'taters of Linux. And that’s not a bad thing.

I reinstalled xorg using sudo pacman -S xorg and then rebooted. Got the same old basic interface and terminal. Typed startx and this time is shows —

Yeah - I dunno. To me, it sound like your initial install messed up as it seems like there may be many packages that didnt get installed for one reason or another.

Without knowing exactly what happened and when during the install process - its really hard to try to piece it all back. Like I said, if it were me, I would start over again and track any and all issues that you run into. This way if it happens again, you can present all that to the forum.

But ultimately, that choice is yours :slight_smile:

And with that, it’s 2:00 am and time for sleep.
Good luck!

I totally installed it again and there was this same problem again I tried the command and went was searching in the end what happened was that the systemctl was not pointing And systemctl set-default worked like charm

huh. Sounds like some changes in the 1201 iso maybe? I expect that from an arch Linux install.

hey man …thanks for the reply it took me time to come back. As some one said it seems autologin is turned on when the iso is used live. i faced no problems during the instillation and Im loving using Archlabs. Thanks a ton for your help. There are some issues though Ill make a new thread or check to find some solution. Have a happy day.