No battery issue

Hey! So I just installed Arch on Virtualbox with i3 and after logging in I get this screen with a No battery text, some storage info (I guess) and time on the bottom of the screen. I have cursor but I can’t do anything. Solution?

Have you configured your VM properly? Remember, you’re in a virtual environment. Your operating system is hosting your virtual machine. It’s like asking the host of the party to dress you up for it.

My suggestion is slicing up your drive into half, use a boot manager like rEFInd, and install any OS that way. Virtual machines are virtual deployments. If you don’t see a battery indicator in Virtualbox, I mean, do you plan to run one OS hosting another, instead of running that OS on metal on a laptop?

I can understand testing a distro out using VM on a laptop, but not running a VM, because you’re tasking the OS that is on VM with half of your resources. If you’re not seeing your battery metrics on the i3 status bar, or any other stats, well I have never tried i3 in VM on any hardware that uses a battery, but hell, it’s i3, you don;t even need a bar to run it in VM.

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At all or just with the cursor? Are the key bindings working?

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This just looks like a standard i3 install to me. As packrat has asked are you able to use keybinds? To launch a terminal I think it’s super+t

The keybinds are working. I was able to launch terminal and selected Terminator emulator. (I selected that in the installer at additional packages.)

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Try this status bar config and tell us what ya got:

Click the link for proper format.

Check the configuration for the bar module. It may be looking for BAT0, but it your battery may be BAT1, or something like that.