No Archlabs preconfigured theme applied on fresh install

Hi, I just installed Archlabs 2019.10.29 but after booting, I only have basic configuration of Openbox as well as for i3. There’s no Archlabs preconfigured theme. Any thoughts? Thanks a lot.

Can you post a screenshot or more detail about what you mean? What’s missing?

fresh install looks like this

Oh, you installed it then ! Nice shot.

It s ok then now.

That is the current setup for an openbox install.

If you have any other issues feel free to ask.

Okay, i thought tint2 will have a custom theme on and conky, just like before. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Tought that also @zyn , newest version(s) don t have Tint2 installed @natemaia

You can enable conky if you like, there will be the same configs available so you can use the menu entry.

Tint2 is indeed installed (otherwise you wouldn’t have a panel) and does have a custom theme applied it’s just minimalistic and suitable for our direction. Personally I think it looks rather nice.

If anyone has something they think would be a better default then they should please consider contributing.