NMTUI wifi network manager lacking username and password option. Help?

Hey guys,

I just started using ArchLabs a few weeks ago, and of all the distros I’ve tried, it has been my favourite so far. Everything about it is great. However, I have one major issue with it. Its use of NMTUI for connecting to wifi networks, prevents me from connecting to my school or work networks, and is therefore pretty much useless anywhere but home. This is because these wifi connections require a username and password to connect to them. However, I’m only given a password area to type into. I’ve been trying to connect to the wifi networks for around two weeks now, get tired of trying, and then go back to using Windows while I’m out. Is there a work around for this? Or is there a way to replace NMTUI? I was sent here from the ArchLabs Reddit page for help by one of the moderators so any help or advice would be great. Thank you!

I don’t know about NMTUI (sorry) but you can use the command line.

Try this:

nmcli device wifi connect $ssid password $password name $name

Replace $ssid with the name of the access point, replace $password with the actual password and replace $name with the username.

I haven’t actually tested this though, I have no networks that require a username.

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It seems that NMTUI is the connection manager that is installed in ArchLabs? I’m not very knowledgeable with the inner workings of Linux so please correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m not at my ArchLabs install, but I think network-manager-applet is installed. In a terminal try this command:


That should start nm-applet and you can see the available wireless networks . It’s much more convenient for roaming, IMO, anyway.

If you get an error that the command doesn’t exist/isn’t installed you should be able to install network-manager-applet.

NetworkManager is the network connection tool for ArchLabs.

Okay, so I tried the ‘nm-applet’ command and it said that the command is not found. What is the command for installing it? Or am I supposed to do that through the package manager? Sorry about being a newbie at all this!

You can install it this command in a terminal:

pacman -S network-manager-applet

Since you’re new to Arch, I suggest you go to the Arch Linux website and check out their wiki. You can look up NetworkManager and the related tools like nmtui and nm-applet.

Oh man, I forgot that I was supposed to use that command! But yes, that is a fair point about looking at the wiki. I’ve been playing around with a bunch of distros to find one that I can settle with, and up until I had just started with Manjaro, and never had the sign in issue over a wifi network with it. I will report back next chance I get on if these suggestions made any progress!

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There are various managers to be used by netctl which seems to be the simplest, to wicid.
If I remember correctly with a trial distro, I had both NetworkManager and netctl installed, but I do not remember correctly.
To use netcl just install it and then give as root:

I think all the NetworkManager .services will have to be stopped and disabled first to prevent conflicts.

Also, wifi-menu requires that the interface be set down before running the command:


And to answer the OP’s question:

As PackRat says, NetworkManager is the default connection method: NMTUI, nm-applet & nmcli are all front-ends for that program and they can all be used to configure it.

^ Correct, the NetworkManager services need to be shut down to avoid conflicts with netctl. That’s actually how I set up my ArchLabs box. It’s a desktop hardwired to the router so no need for NetworkManager.

For the original poster though, installing network-manager-applet should fix his issues. It’s good for roaming; especially if you’re a student and may have to connect to 3-4 networks in a given day.