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Nitrux OS

Just about to try this out for the first time on my craptop, anyone else used Nitrux?

yes can vouch for this. A friend of my colleague is on the dev team. Nice work - pretty OS

never heard of it before :stuck_out_tongue:

For now, I’m happy with archlabs :slight_smile: My ‘let’s install this new distro’ days are much further apart than they once were.

Same here, well on my main PC they are as it runs nothing but ArchLabs. My craptop is another story though.

I’ve simply got too many things too do, combined with a lazy attitude :stuck_out_tongue:

Got some hobby projects, like putting ‘noob-friendly’ linux on a few laptops, trying to get arch on 2 convertibles, getting some sort of android on some old phones, (finally) rooting my new huawei mate 10 lite, and some ‘inhouse’ development work with webinterfaces, sockets. And a revamped desk + storage closet.
And that’s for the cold months… coming summer we’re planning on overhauling the backyard.

‘trying’ a new OS? Done that too many times, happy with archlabs 4 now :stuck_out_tongue:

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