Nitrux OS

Just about to try this out for the first time on my craptop, anyone else used Nitrux?

yes can vouch for this. A friend of my colleague is on the dev team. Nice work - pretty OS

never heard of it before :stuck_out_tongue:

For now, I’m happy with archlabs :slight_smile: My ‘let’s install this new distro’ days are much further apart than they once were.

Same here, well on my main PC they are as it runs nothing but ArchLabs. My craptop is another story though.

I’ve simply got too many things too do, combined with a lazy attitude :stuck_out_tongue:

Got some hobby projects, like putting ‘noob-friendly’ linux on a few laptops, trying to get arch on 2 convertibles, getting some sort of android on some old phones, (finally) rooting my new huawei mate 10 lite, and some ‘inhouse’ development work with webinterfaces, sockets. And a revamped desk + storage closet.
And that’s for the cold months… coming summer we’re planning on overhauling the backyard.

‘trying’ a new OS? Done that too many times, happy with archlabs 4 now :stuck_out_tongue:

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What’s going on between this distro & distrowatch?

Another way to promote their new release?


I have had fair bit of contact with the Nitrux guys over the years. Basically Distrowatch are acting like a dick. Uri has asked many times for them to correct the information at Distrowatch regarding Nitrux and the requests have been ignored.

No not at all. It’s pure frustration. I get where Uri is coming from and I 100% support him.


Saw a bit of Tyler’s Tech review on YouTube earlier that he posted late last year. His YT notes on it says it’s based in Ubuntu, the Nitrux’s website itself says it’s based strictly in Debian. It’s also runs OpenRC. They managed to un-Plasma Plasma a bit, but it’s still Plasma and Latte Dock really. I know they baked in a few things themselves to make it different than the usual Plasma, but, Plasma.


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Have never used Nitrux. Have to admit that the “Ubuntu based” claim on distrowatch turns me off. In addition, I don’t like the default theme and plasma DE.

Just checked their page. it emphasizes it’s “based on Debian”. So, was it based on Ubuntu before?

This reminds me, going back 10 -15 years or so. The running joke on the Slackware forums was the following:

“Ubuntu, African word meaning Slackware is to hard for me.”

I had used Ubuntu for some time. I really liked their old releases. It made the difference in Linux desktop world.

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I have, it’s nice but not something I could use every day, as @drummer said…it’s Plasma.

It’s Debian based and that’s what this is all about, Uri is getting ticked off because they refuse to update the description of Nitrux and he believes this is putting people off using his Distro.

I think early releases were, I can’t say for sure.

Yes, that would be correct.


LOL, I guess guys@distrowatch don’t care about that distro at all.

Yep, looks like some politics sadly or else.

I think there has been some historical head butting.

I personally don’t like how distrowatch works, in my mind they should be almost a neutral entity promoting ALL distros. I don’t think that happens, I could be wrong but then again I might be completely right. But hey, I don’t like it so I don’t bother visiting the site.

No, they are NOT. All business driven now. They will promote a distro either it’s backed by a big company or they’re paid to do so.


Yeah and this irritates me. I really hate sites like that.

Arch is #15, Garuda is #13. That gotta be a joke