Nice Metric Conversions Site

As tittle says, I just found it too .


If you guys have some more sites just post them.

It might be interesting.


I happen to use this one:


Oh, thx for sharing @nwg

Bookmarked in my FF s , looks interesting !

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In my case I always need to know how many degrees centigrade is Fahrenheit.

So, for example, if the dashboard on my bike shows 190 •F and I want to know how many •C it is, I do the following math:

190 - 32 = 158

and then 158 I multiply by 5 and divide by 9.

The result is = 87.7 •C

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Oh, good tip @judd

If you don’t have to know the exact number, use a simpler formula,

(F - 30) / 2 = C

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It’s just not that exact, but it works!
Thank you @chroot

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Pretty much it but when it goes colder it kind of evens out oddly enough temperature-wise F to C and C to F degrees.

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