Nice man from France

Hy all,
I use Linux since 2012, so I’m a noob.
I’m new to archlinux and want to try it and … I’m here !

I will try to help people and people will try to help me (I hope so).

Sorry for bad english, we really don’t learn how to speak and write english in french school.

See ya !

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Curious, what is the meaning of the title?

I repeat everyting pangolin said :slight_smile:

[ass-covering]in this topic. up 'till now.[/ass-covering]

Bad English huh? whatever.

Really don’t know what’s worse, you or the fact this post hasn’t been removed yet.


It’s a nickname for french people (like me) in the internet or not !

Hi @ark, welcome.

I know you intend no offence but you never know who you may encounter on the interwebs. Would you mind editing your title to something more suitable.

Done, srry.

@ark welcome glad to have you on board. This is a lively group that helps each other, hope you enjoy.

Thank you.

Enjoy your time here.