News relase xfce 4.14 gtk3

Hi,what do you think of the gtk3 version of xfce.
I don’t mind with the new gtk3, and all the rest.

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For those who had problems with artifacts, problems with the transparent panel, etc etc, here you will find all the info @toZ is a great help in the xfce community

Thx for the headsup @ector

Edit ; On my BL install right now, not on Sid repo yet, might be too early.

Edit2: Wasn t aware it was on Arch repo

pretty buggy on my end. But im planning to sit down an figure s few things out later today

dockbarx doesnt work on my system and a few issues with file management.

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Guess that I ll wait to update xfce, looks a little buggy as stated above.

Hi,on archlinux xfce everything ok for me.

You’re not alone. The reboot and power off options are greyed out on the session exit dialog on my end. Lots of comments on the Arch forum.

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good to know.

Im not sure if I should invest my time de bugging this version, or invest it learning a tiling wm. Or even returning to ob. Dont need these headaches right now. I fix one issue and another pops up…

Yep OB mate.

But might be worth it when time permits to learn tilling @philT , I have a hard time with those ! lol

Not for me I guess.

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Is anybody else seeing screen corruption and artefacts if the Xfce compositor is enabled?

They’ve improved the tearing prevention (apparently) but it doesn’t work with xf86-video-amdgpu.

see this post
i have cards intel and nvidia use glx

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Fantastic, thanks ector!

I’ve already tried the xpresent backend, it stops the corruption but it also stops the tearing prevention. Using the amdgpu driver’s inbuilt tearfree option removes the problem entirely though.

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Just in on Sid this update this morning.