New Viewsonic monitor

Ok. I’m bewildered… The monitor is great but, it seem that when the screen saver come on, I log back in but the monitor still sleeps. Has anyone experienced this? At least with the old monitor I had, it would at least wake up.

Gone through the power settings on the monitor. Nothing seems to “fix” this issue.

Sorry cannot assist. I use a ViewSoninc as my main display with no issues.

Has Mr Google presented any similar issues?

how are you able to “log back in” when your monitor is asleep?

ssh in from another system?

Try to disable Power Save on the monitor. Have to check ViewSonic’s manul

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Ah - I should have given a bit more info. The VS is a companion to my laptop - so the lappy is good

Yeah - I suspect that’s it but the OSD does not tell me much about that.
Just need to spend some time with it.

I think you can do that with xset and the dpms flags; see the xset man page for details. Not sure how you would specify the monitor.

I tried this and It looked promising via the man page.

xset -display HDMI-A-0 -dpms

the return was:
xset: unable to open display “HDMI-A-0”

I do appreciate the advise and as I mentioned, it looked promising.

The plot advances.
xset q gives me a bit more info - -display is NOT the actual display I’m guessing…

Ahh, but xset -dpms may be all I needed. Will update.

Use xrandr to list your displays:

xrandr -q | grep " connected" | cut -d ' ' -f1

Welp - for now, I have this

xset dpms 0 0 0
xset -dpms

Lets see how this woiks