New User Setup?

After installing ArchLabs there are a lot of questions and things that need to be explained, especially for someone new to Arch. I have seen much talk about package manager options but can’t find one after install. I can also see that there is tons customization potential from screenshots but no share of the actual process. I am a copy and paste master, if you show me i can make it happen. Are there any videos or tutorials that me and my dear friend DuckDuckGo missed? All help is appreciated

First of all, you must be willing to invest time and a lot of reading to make any real progress. Just copy and pasting might be a start but eventually you should try and understand what’s what as well.

That being said: Standard package manager in Arch and also Archlabs is pacman. See the archlinux wiki for further info.
As for a AUR (arch user repository) helper you can find a lot of alternatives (like yay) named in older threads about that topic.
As for customizations, try and think of one thing you would like to start with. Like polybar. Then go and look for the polybar config files (aka dotfiles because their names begin with a .). Open them in an editor and try to understand how they are built/functioning. Then browse this forum, or the arch forum or reddit or whatever and look for something you like and the (hopefully) provided dotfile. Try and implement those new things into your config file or just use the provided file (often leading to errors).
Come back with any specific question!
Good luck~


thanks for the response -meant no disrespect in any way, just being truthful - this is a great forum just found out about aurman and on my way to building up my software catalog - i really appreciate all the help from the Discord also

i suggest you use yay as AUR package manager

*Update i guess it’s similar to aurman

I installed yay via aurman

To bolster what has already been said (and I hate to actually say it) the Arch Wiki is pretty much the place you want to invest a huge portion of your time. A few reasons for doing so (of course, these are only my opinions based on my experience so YMMV):

  1. You will get a better understanding of not only Arch, ArchLabs (along with other Arch-based distros), but the wiki in many ways can be applied to almost any variant of Linux within reason of course.
  2. If you plan on frequenting the Arch forums (opposed to here), be prepared. This means do all your homework (See item 3).
  3. Be ready and able to present all forms of logs. The caveat to that using the Arch forums: If you are asking for help about any other Linux distro other than Arch Linux, you very well could get ignored (and that would be on a good day).

Aside from the above, there are lots of other places and ways that have been mentioned - all good! I would add:

For Youtube and Reddit, the term you may want to try is called Ricing. Simply put, its themeing up your desktop.

And on that note, if you really want a fast Rice-up without all the work, Look for the youtube channel by Luke Smith. He has done a bunch vids on Arch and he created what he calls LARBS. I actually cut my teeth with Ricing using LARBS and dissecting the hell out of it to see what it does - This worked for me on how to change things up.

LARBS in short, replicates his Rice and installed packages, His dots are included so you get the whole package. This is what I learned from. But I want to highlight what has been said - with ANY Arch system comes the need to spend time with it.

Its like a child, the more time you spend, the more you learn how to treat it and the more you learn to love it and care for it and call it George… Sorry, digression into an old cartoon, lol

Anyways, Luke’s Rice and dots might be a good way for you to start. Of course, YMMV.

Hoped this helped and cheers!

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That is not a good thing, you need to understand the function at least of what you are entering in your terminal. You could potentially end up in the shit if you are copying/pasting incorrect or outright dangerous/nasty commands.

For info and links, I have created a category for usesrs such as yourself, Getting Started with ArchLabs.

That’s because there is nothing to screenshot. The configs are commonly known as “dots” or “dot files”. These are normally placed in the correct directories to get the desired effect.

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thanks for your direction and response

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Hey man, I think you need to start by selecting one thing you would like to tweak, for example, polybar. Then I generally go and open the config, to try and understand what does what. Then I go and look at other people’s configs to get ideas, thus improving your understanding of the config.
If I struggle there I go read the manual.haha
After that I tweak to my heart’s content, if I struggle, I ask on the forums.

I hope this helps?

The important, take-home message is, try to understand the configuration you are trying to configure first.

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And, if you need some inspiration of several setups and how different / beautifull they can be, you might wanna check this page :

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