New user has some style questions

Hi, i’m new to archlabs and installed 2018.03 today. On my older laptop with ssd it’s realy fast.
Now i want to setup my tasbar/panels or however it’s been called. Can someone explain me where i have to change settings in order to set up as i want?
Thanks in advance.


Hey @ernestoo , welcome to the gang!.. So most things are customized through config files here in ArchLabs Land. You can access your Polybar configs from the obenbox menu.

Here is some information, or the information on polybar configuration…

There are some topics where people share configs also…like this one… Show Us Your Polybar Configs


And good that you chose the AL, you will like it very much!!

Yes, but who the fuck made this distro? It’s realy awsome!!
I mean, i use “linux” since a decade as my primary OS and a long time Linux mint (mate/cinnamon/xfce) and on my “most important” laptop here in business was always LM because of it’s small system resources, but this one here needs less, and it looks realy nice and it fast on my >10 years old lenovo sl500 laptop. But indeed there is a ssd inside so it boots up in seconds.
You made a good job!

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