New to the site - not New to Linux


Hi folks, new guy on the block here. :wink:
Been using Linux for at least 10 years now.
Still a newbie. :scream:
Thanks for putting up with me a head of time.


Welcome aboard !

Guess it s the same on my end after 10 years + on Linux, still learn mostly everyday.



You know it’s a good point, the idea of still learning. When you look at MacOS, iOS, Windows, you see very few changes in UI when new versions come out. Of course, part of it is easy of use, but it is also dumbed down. Moving a menu item will frustrate users.

As an Android user, I used to laugh at iPhone users because the entire OS looked like it was from the 90s with it’s bubbly buttons for the first 6 years or something. It was familiar and therefore more people could adapt to it because it didn’t change. Same with Windows.

Familiarity breeds laziness. Let’s keep learning. Let’s keep on Linuxin’!


I am very new here myself.
It is not a high volume forum, but, excellent quality knowledge and really friendly folk.
Hope you enjoy it.



Welcome friend!




Hello @sammiev and welcome onboard!


@sammiev, welcome to ArchLabs!


Pleasure to meet you @sammiev :slight_smile:

The beauty of Linux is, we’re all ‘noobs’, that’s the joy of it!

Welcome to the ArchLab’s community! :grin:


Thanks all! Installation was easy as well as adding all my required software. :wink:


No problem , glad that you got it your way.


Welcome to the gang!