New to the forum? Introduce yourself!

Good Day folks,

Thought I might create the same topic I did in the Manjaro forums.
Here you can introduce yourself and tell us your story :slight_smile:

Let me go first,
My name is Fatboy and I’m from South Africa, I’m a Linux lover and a Scientist. I have been using ArchLabs for a few months now. My first Arch-based experience was with Manjaro.
Anyway, I came accross ArchLabs on G+ where I saw one of @Dobbie03’s screenshots. I was always drawn towards the simplicity and minimalism of openbox and this neat little bar at the top (discovered it to be polybar).

I hope to interacti with you all and have a good time discussing Linux and the world.

Thanks for reading, now it’s your turn :slight_smile:


Welcome Ferds, I feel like I know you from somewhere?

Glad to have you on board bruv.

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Welcome and well met friend.

Haha yes, we know each other from multiple places :wink:

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What area of science are you in fatboy?

Chemistry, are you a Scientist?

Ah, awesome! Good to meet a fellow Scientist :smiley:

Hello All,
New to the forum so I thought I would give a short intro. I have been using Linux since 2007 and have run many distros and DE types during that time. I am currently running Garuda Linux Gnome edition. I enjoy customizing my desktop, its my primary use aside from the normal work processing, gaming and basic art work. Looking forward to posting some and getting to know you all.


Welcome mate, great to see you here.

Thank you Dobbie and thank you for the invite, glad to be here for sure! :slight_smile:


Welcome on board !

He has a great time here, you’ll see!


That’s what we hope for anyway :smiley:


Thank you Judd and yes I am having a great time, very friendly forum! :grinning:


Welcome @aandmsantos0910 and hope you enjoy your stay.


Thank you good sir!

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LOL that might go to my head.

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lol, I guess I better be more careful then! :grinning:

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Welcome aboard @aandmsantos0910

What part of the States are you in, it s a pretty big country !

Thank you @altman ,
I am in VA. how about you?

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Ah cool, VA s a nice place, are you close to the I-81 or I-95 ! Those are some of the major highways in VA right !

I m in Quebec, the most taxed province in Canada ! lol

Hate it but don t want to move, so I gotta bear with it ! lol