New to AL - want to donate

Hi all, I’ve been using AL for a month or so and it seems like a very clean, stable system. Used Mint for a couple years, then Manjaro, then back to Mint and now here at AL. I was using i3, now trying Opwnbox with several workspaces. Not sure which I prefer.

I’m interested in donating, but not familiar with Patreon; any problems?

AL seems like a small-group effort, but the results are great so far!!!


First of all, welcome! :+1:

About the collaboration @nate or @Dobbie03 will help.

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Hi Michael, welcome to ArchLabs.

We don’t ask for donations but people were offering so we set up Patreon. It’s a good site and has been reliable so far.


Welcome aboard !

Hello Michael, welcome to the forum.

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