New Systemd 240 Exploit



Interesting, I hope this gets patched soon


Thx @Dobbie03 . It never stops. When it s not one thing it s another exploit-wise.


Yeah but apparently this was in 239 as well.


Yep , here s another link;


Read about this earlier. Sometimes I feel like just considering the webz for what it is, continue to be conservative regarding that and blissfully going forth. It feels like it’s something new everyday, what can ya do.


On Debian it s fixed on 240-2/3 ( Buster & Sid ) wonder about Arch.


Here s another link:


Not particularly related but, this is exactly why I run iptables on every one of my Linux systems.
False sense of security? Maybe, but I tend to think less about issues. But like Glenn says, if you are a person that basically does conservative (subjective, I know) access to the interwebs - you can and do lessen the chances of something happening to your system.

Of course, I can’t speak this way when it comes to the Mrs. Windows10 system :wink:


Yeah my kids are stuck on Windows for school. They hate it.


So too, Marie. She hates it but has no choice at times but to use win10 for school.


Schools aren’t into Chromebooks yet?


Most NZ schools are bit High Schools are all Win 10


Not yet here but quite frankly, should be. They’re relatively cheap and can still be instructive.