New Stuff For 2021

No, this isn’t a New Years Resolution thread. It’s a thread about new things to check out in the new year…

I was perusing through /r/unixporn, as I do, and I came across this most wonderful submission. It has inspired me to check out FreeBSD at last.

I’m downloading the ISO while I type this and I am going to install it on my Craptop.


Impressive! *bsd on desktops probably easier. :smiley:

You are probably right but just for testing sake I’ll check it out on the Craptop.

What model? I’ve run FreeBSD on my HP no problems.

I ran FreeBSD on my ThinkPad X201 for a bit and it was very nice, just like Arch in a lot of ways, but the machine ran far too hot even when idle so I had to swap to OpenBSD, which ran cooler than Linux.

For this year I’m determined to get either Void or DragonFly BSD working.


Try void. You won’t regret. It’s a lot like BSD. It’s systemd-free, xbps-src is similar to ports in bsd.

I haven’t touch bsd for years. I may try to put openbsd on one of my laptops this year.


It’s some Pavilion variant, I actually don’t know the model. I’m about to install so I will make my next post from the Craptop.

This was an issue for me as well. DragonFly BSD ran much cooler. Also without issue.


It’s also on my TODO list.

I’m doing that now, I installed BSD but it’s not for me.

I am interested to see how Void goes.

Not bad enough to uninstall. Not good enough to use.

@Dobbie03 - your profile is hidden again. That intentional (can’t really blame you if it is)?

Weird, it should be viewable now. Not sure why it was hidden again.

The install is slower than I expected, for some reason I expected a nice quick AL type install. I am looking forward to trying this out and the MATE desktop as well which I haven’t really bothered with.

I think I’d like Void more if they had something like AUR. Many packages are still missing from their repo, and submitting them is PITA.

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Use the local install. After the system is up, change the default mirror to the one which is close to where you live and then update. The default mirror is located in Finland.

They have xbps-src which is something similar to ports in *bsd and AUR in Arch. Of course, the packages in Void are less than Arch’s.

@chroot I know what they have, and I submitted several packages. I no longer maintain them.

LOL - I pulled that off this evening also. I used to run FBSD years ago and loved it. Now, mainly since I don’t remember a heck of a lot of what I did, I’m with you on this Dobbie - its not for me either,