New security flaw impacts most Linux and BSD distros

Fortunately, arch is not concerned Kappa. Jokes aside, this is scary…

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Thx for sharing.Sadly not surprised at all, wonder who s behind that.

Oh great! Now we’re going to get phone calls from call centers saying "we’ve noticed that someone has hacked your computer. For $199.75 we can… "

lol, yep like years back when we started to get calls from overseas stating that you had problems with your computa ! llol

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Can Arch users still startx to the desktop?

I updated OpenBSD this morning and now I have to use their display manager, startx just returns an error because the devs removed the setuid bit from the Xorg binary.

As far as I can tell, from reading the article, arch isn’t affected by this. Now that being said, I guess we’ll have try it see if it works in arch environment. The article also states that Gnome and KDE and other window environment are vulnerable.

Yes, one of the advantages of tracking upstream so closely is the speed with which the fixes are received :slight_smile:

True. If it’s a rolling distro, which most arch based distros are, the chances of hacking someone’s machine, is drastically limited. Imagine if Linux was owned by MS? I have to wonder, is someone’s trying to weaken Linux for some kind of gain? Remember, Windows is touted to be the biggest virus ever. Is someone trying to make Linux the same? I have Ubuntu 18.04 installed on my machine, but I rarely use it. That’s why I use arch based distros as my main system. We all will have to keep on our toes.

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Arch fixed the bug on the 25th but all Arch-based systems were vulnerable to the exploit for the past two years, apparently:

Yes indeed, after all:

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Top job @Head_on_a_Stick