New Ryzen 5 PC build? What mobo to get?

It got into my head that I want to get/build a new desktop pc, haven’t had one in 15 years.
I don’t want to go overboard with spending and I can’t decide yet what motherboard to get.
I’ve “heard” MSI are kinda problematic with some builds so I’m left with Asus, Gigabyte and AsRock(they do have some good competitive prices).
I only want to spend around $175 for the board, the trick part is which one to choose, a B450, B550 or a X570. If I get the X570 for this price it will have to be the lower end but at least I don’t have to worry about problems with the cpu not being recognised plus if I ever want to upgrade the cpu I should be able to get a 4000series with the same board.
I do have a almost new Samsund SSD 512Gb, I want to buy a couple 2x8Gb DDR4 RAM sticks but still don’t know if 2800-3000Mhz would make me happy enough or should I aim for more?
For the rest I don’t care much, I’ll just pick something that works and not too expensive.

If you have some experience with this kind of stuff, please share your opinion about the motherboards I mentioned or others, and about the RAM.


Saw this link here, a bit old but might give you some ideas;

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A link to build your pc;

Thanks @altman, thats a good read but they don’t touch on the subject that I’m most interested in, should I stick with a B450-550 mobo or go for a newer but lower end X570 with both being in the same price range.

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Hey cool, some ideas here & there I guess.

As an overclocker I like Asus mobos, their bios is really nice and I’ve never had an issue over 5-6 boards

I don’t think I’ll be doing any OC, whats your opinion about this AsRock X570? Found it at a decent price in my country(about $175).

I’ve had issues with cheaper asrock boards in the past but this is in the higher end for 175 and it seems like a fine board to me, one thing I’d look into is the driver availability of the onboard controller chipset on linux if you want all the thermal/fan readings from it, asus switched to one that isn’t and it’s a piss off (cpu temps still work fine).

Check this thread for a general idea of how the board functions, the first response really sums up how I feel.

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Yes I’ve read all reddit threads about this board, I ended up more confused than I was in the beginning. Yes I want all the readings but it seems I can’t find anything conclusive regarding this specific board. I did find some bugs and solutions but they are all older threads from 2019/early 2020. I still can’t decide, should I just cross my fingers or go for something else.