New Release breaks UEFI Multiboot?

Hi all,
First, a sincere thank you to the devs for the new release and all the hard work that goes into such things!
I do have a major new issue. My ssd has an efi partition, a linux distro and its separate /home, my AL partition, and a third linux distro. I put the new AL root into the previous AL partition, formatting it, and mounted /boot/efi into the efi partition without formatting it. My boot options are still there, and the files are still in /boot/efi/, but only AL boots! The other 2 options are “not found.” Wondering if others have the same issue and suggestions for a possible fix? Thx!

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First up, what bootloader are you using?

For systemd-boot it tries to find other bootloaders on the system however if you’re migrating from one type of system to another (ie grub -> systemd-boot) then the mount point is different and it will fail, this isn’t a bug, create a config to launch the bootloader directly.

For grub, the bootloaders should have been detected at install if all goes well (to be honest this release is the first where I was confident this wasn’t going to be an issue, with all my testing the grub-probe worked where it failed previously)

If this isn’t the case then you should know this command by heart as a grub user

grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

It will generate a config and search for other bootloaders on the system.


Barring this you’ll need to create a custom grub loader for them and I won’t sugar coat it there is a reason grub has a config generator and systemd-boot doesn’t the latter are a bit more messy and tough to create by hand but still totally doable.

Thanks Nate!
Turns out i did blindly install the systemd rather than grub and, as you said, it didn’t see my other entries which were grub. The good news is i did learn some things in trying to fix the issue. And now all is well again. My 2 fave distros and a third i keep mostly for a select few old wine games are living happily together on my new ssd!

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Good stuff :slight_smile:

To be honest this is the first I’ve heard about a systemd boot-er. As not all my distros are systemd i don’t feel the need to explore that option. Also, i am only a grub “user.” I really know far less about it than i should. My goto is to try new things on a secondary laptop.