New Mods for the forum


Hi Everyone,

Today I have promoted @Chris, @philT, and @LionessAlana to Moderator.

Please welcome them in their new roles here at our awesome forum.

Thank you to all who volunteered and to those who offered help with the docs, I’ll be in touch.


Happy to be here, I’ll do my best!


Congrats folks!
Now where is the beer and pizza? :yum:


mmmmmm Beer!


I just had a kebab, does that count for anything? :grinning:


Congrats to all promoted! :slight_smile:


Wow – Great selections!

May I forever not be found in your cross hairs. :dart:

Sincerely best wishes to all.


Congratulations to all!! :muscle::muscle: I celebrate with my coffee and my cigarette.


@Chris @philT @LionessAlana This is a good choice! Congrats!


Congrats to the new mods here.


Congratulations !


Loving ArchLabs


Sure does, in my book.