New Laptop Partitioning for ArchLabs Dual Boot with Win 11

Interesting, I was pretty sure the installation media partitions were removed from the lists. Glad you got it figured out.

Also of note is that I have several laptops that I dual boot with windows and I’ve never had too many issues fitting the AL boot and windows boot on the same 260M EFI partition. If you start doing various distro installs and never clean the EFI part then it will become an issue, in this case going in manually and removing dead bootloaders is the best option.


@leigh thats glorious. Hey does your usb-c power cord feel a little wobbly in the first port but tighter in the 2nd? Wondering if it’s just my T15 or they’re all like that.

Thanks @natemaia
Oh. So I would have probably been OK with the 260 MiB
But at least I learnt that expanding the ESP is now easy now that Gparted can do that
And I can install another couple of dozen OS’s with no worries now :rofl:

But I’ve done all the distro hopping I need, I’m sticking here with AL. And I have a pile of old laptops for that in case I succumb to temptation

It is indeed Glorious!!!
The power cord in the usb- port on mine is wobbly in both ports. I use the red clip with the ‘legs’ pointing down on the desk like a ‘stress reliever’
Why do they have two?
what else can I use it for?

I’m almost all set up again now
Joplin-Desktop is the only thing that doesnt seem to be playing ball

The trusty ASUS was a good old stead for years, but this thing is a different order of magnitude, even the touchpad is so silky. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

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shit, the speakers even have bass :smiley:

I use the red clip like a kick stand too sometimes! The 2nd port is for a usbc docking station. But you can use both ports for charging or data or whatever.

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:rofl: I didnt even know what Thunderbolt 4 were