New keyboard


Nice & simple @Dobbie03


Was looking at some keyboards for the fun of it, gee they re expensive !


@Dobbie03 now I know what happen to my Commodore 64 Keyboard. :rofl:


Damn, you weren’t meant to find out about that!


So do y’all not use keyboards with numpads much?


I do but I would like to downsize to a numpad-less keyboard.


Hrm, well I cant actually 10 finger type. Its ironic as most of my career has been data entry related, but my 2 fingers really go fast…but uhh not so accurate. So with that said, for us challenged typists the numpads are most helpful. Interesting note: the numpads on keyboards usually start with “7” and on the phones I use start with "1’. Muscle memory has betrayed me at times and I have dialed the wrong #.


I have done that many times. LOL

I can touch type comfortably with minor mistakes. I’m actually slower when I look at the keyboard.


Wtf is that? I want it?


Can be. That’s why I set myself a very strict budget!


I do. I do a load of data entry. It’s a must for me having a number pad even though I love the look of the ten keyless.


You bet @philT


Never learned to type proper. My wife is incredible and types with mind boggling speed but I’ve always finger punched, guess I’m too old to change now :blush:

Meh, it’s worked for me.


Let’s go @anon37345411!


yep yep, 2 fingers here too!


yep , 2-3 fingers depending on how well the old fart feels ! lol


Santa brought me such a mouse:


Nice mouse in there @nwg . Santa s been good ! lol

Edit; what s the model if you don t mind, I don t know this one.


Seems to come from China or have no manufacturer at all. Just “Delux M618” :rofl:


Hey cool , appreciate the comeback @nwg