New keyboard


Well I seriously never do this, but I just bought this new keyboard. End of line so got a could price. Cherry Red MX switches. This is a dream compared to the old blue tooth “soft touch”


Nice Keyboard in there @philT


Wow that is nice!


Yeah man. I couldn’t believe my luck. Im not a gamer, so I dont need all the RGB and macro functions. This one was 30 bucks off down to 80. It weighs 1.5kg and has an aluminium case so its sturdy as.
the old one skipped like shit and make editing configs a night mare. Also, about three months ago I spilt guiness :beers: on the other one so the + key and delete key would stay depressed whenever I hit them – holy crap, can you imagine! No I am fully operational again, I might even be able to start playing with my OS again :star_struck:


Yeah I’m not a gamer either but I own a Roccat MK glow. I can turn off the lights and still play around with my computer. Oh and work also… :sunglasses:


I’m in love with a keyboard


That’s pretty nice. Are you going to…?

Which switches do you fancy?


I think I will. I’m not sure about the switches, will need to research a little bit I think.


Good idea. That’s a pretty good price. My budget was 100 bucks. I researched switches with a bit of OCD. Started off wanting browns then blues then browns again but bought a demo switch board and actually loved the reds. God I’m a tragic. But worth the effort.


I know I’m gonna want a Mechanical feel without the click. That is really the only thing.


Reds it is! Or browns…


Good to know!


@philT Nice man! Love the light effect, I love my soft touch though.


Mine was going good too until I spilt guiness on it :rofl:


Guiness & PCs don t go well together! lol @philT


At least you have a good excuse, could have been a Bud Light :stuck_out_tongue:


lol, would not have been the same. A good excuse to change keyboard nonetheless.


Good thing it goes well with everything else then :smiley:


lol, you bet @Dobbie03


Oh shit, what about this beast