New Install Won't Connect

Hi, I’ve been trying to install Arch Labs 2020.05.04, but can’t get past the point of turning on the networking. The machine is an old Intel 945 series board, and it does run Manjaro fine, no problems, so this is not a hardware issue. When I get to the network install, I get an error message that states that without an internet connection, the install cannot proceed. Running nmtui yields:

Wired Connection 1
Device enp0525 (00:1C:C0:5C:F0:58)
= Ethernet
Cloned MAC address…
IPV4 Configuration (automatic)
DNS Servers <Add…>
Routing (no custom routes)
[ ] I never use this network for default route
[ ] Ignore automatically obtained routes
[ ] Ignore automatically obtained DNS parameters
[ ] Require IPv4 addressing for the connection
IPv6 Configuration (Automatic)
[x] Automatically connect
[x] Available to all users

I found the entry

forum dot archlabslinux dot com/t/solved-cant-install-archlabs-no-connection/2987/16

And tried


But got zero bytes back, no connection at all. I then tried to edit the installer as per the posting, but found something different:

chk_connect( )
msg “Network Connect” " \nVerifying network connection \n"
if [[ $VM ! = ‘none’ ]] && hash nm-online > /dev/null 2>&1
ping -qc1 ‘’ > /dev/null 2>&1

I am no programmer, and so don’t know where to go from here. Thanks in advance.

Is this a wired or wireless connection?

Have you tried nmtui-connect and connecting to your network (this is what’s presented in the installer)?

Sometimes this can be a SSL problem with time mismatches, try timedatectl set-ntp 1 then try pinging a website again, any different?

natemaia: thanks for your quick response!

1.) This is a wired connection from a desktop machine.

2.) I can successfully ping my local host IP address, and I can successfully ping before trying to install. But I cannot ping; I get responses stating “Destination unreacheable; address unreacheable”. Thinking about it, does this indicate that the system can’t reach the DNS server, even though it gets a response from
Or does the installer use a different DNS server?

3.) I ran timedatectl set-ntp 1, and then tried again. Same result.

Figured it out. One needs to run nmtui, and then edit the connection to add “ethernet”.
Afterward, the installation ran normally. Sorry for the cockpit error.


Glad that you fixed it @frogprince