New install woes: nerdfonts

Guys, my virtual life is really stuck right now. Nothing i do seems to work as it should or used to. I’d so much appreciate some guidance.

Due to an issue with another linux on my multiboot laptop & some recent upgrade issues i decided to reinstall AL. I dl the latest iso hoping to bypass prior arch issues, only to discover some new ones.

One program that is a must for me looks crappy in any other openbox or fluxbox I’ve ever used, but has displayed fine in AL. So i go for all the fonts offered when installing AL. Now suddenly my install can’t finish “nerdfonts.” No idea if i even need this, but as stated i want all the fonts i can get. So, why does install stick there? Can i fix this? If i install this afterward what is the real name? I’ve tried sudo pacman -S nerdfonts but there’s no such thing? Thx.

Can you share some errors? What program is it?

This is the package for nerdfonts. “Aurman -S nerd-fonts-complete”.

Hi Dobbie,

At the initial AL install, and later via yaourt, all seems well until i get to “Compressing package”
It sits there for maybe 5 min, then finally replies
xz: (stdout) Write error: No space left on device
bsdtar: Write error
I have like 68GB free on my AL partition. Or does 'device" here mean something else?

Here’s a funny…

2-3 days ago i decided to change another distro on my system, then reinstall AL. I also decided to download a more recent AL installer. NOW i see i was using 2018.06 when 2018.07.28 had since been released. So nothing I’ve posted in the last 24 hours now applies.

There is still a loooong wait at “Compressing package,” but afterward the install proceeds normally.

Thanks guys, and sorry for any confusion!

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