New install not going very well!

I have been given another computer,which I am trying to get Archlabs running on,but things are not going very well at all.
The previous owner had Linux Mint installed,which was working perfectly,but on my first install,as it has an Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti graphics card,installed the current Nvidia drivers which support this card,and the performance was appalling,grub and start up resolution of 640x480 on a 24’ 1920x1080 screen,and window decorations appearing 3-5 seconds before the window itself,and just generally nasty performance.
Tried to go back to Nouveau drivers following the how to on the Arch wiki,but just ended up with a black screen.
Now on the second install,the grub and start up/shut down resolution vary between 640x480 and 1920x1080,whichever one it feels like using at the time.
But the worst problem is the cpu temperature is going up to 150° C as network manager is top of the list in htop with two instances of /usr/bin/NetworkManager --no-daemon and /usr/bin/wpa_supplicant -u.
The light on the network card flashes for traffic non-stop,and the network manager applet keeps flashing between signal and no signal,even though there is a signal there,even during a download it does it.
Tried running live Linux images,no problem at all there,this computer just does not seem to like Archlabs for some unknown reason?
Also getting errors about microcode needs updating to the version that is already installed,it has an Intel i3-4130 cpu btw,now I know why I usually stick to AMD/ATI computers! :disappointed:
Is it worth trying to sort out the problems,or just give up and install something else?
With all the problems,I just really do not know where to start? :exploding_head:

since it is a new installation I would advise you, to reinstall with the nuoveau and tell us how it goes to the first reboot without installing anything for the moment.
And from there maybe you can start again, for hot cpu, try to install cpupower and enable cpupower.service and thermald the archlinux wiki “should” help you.
Ps) before reinstalling let the notebook cool :sweat_smile:


Thanks very much for your help ector.
Found the cause of the over heating,the cooler and fan were not even attached to the cpu,they were held on to the motherboard with one of the clips,but not making contact with the cpu!
I have never honestly seen anything like it,the thermal paste was just dust,it had never even been applied properly,just a little blob in the middle of the cpu, like a little dried bird dropping where the cooler had never been clipped on enough to flatten it!
The computer came from a so called computer shop,it was sold as a custom built ‘Windows gaming machine’ for much too much money for what is a very low budget computer with only 4 gig of ram,and that was less than 3 years ago?
That is why I have it now,can imagine what the performance was like trying to play the latest games at the time on Windows 8,lets just say the owner was not very impressed,and now just plays games on consoles! :rofl:
I am going to download another iso,and put it on another usb stick in case the other image was corrupted,or something was wrong with the usb stick,then do a clean install,then I shall return with the results of what happened.
Thanks again for your help ector!

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keep up to date, here there will always be someone who will give you help.

Thanks ector!
I think I’m giving up trying to get Archlabs running on that computer,still got it on my main computer,so will stick with that.
Did another clean install,had errors in the install,but it did install,and ended up with lots of things not working and broken again.
So tried the new release of Archlabs,things did not go too well with that either,had no package management working,along with the same problems again with graphics,network etc. so I have to admit defeat as the computer does not seem to like anything Arch based,tried a live image of Manjaro,and that was just the same! :disappointed:
Now I have to try and find some distro that will work on it,Void looks the best bet to try as the live image worked really well.
Thanks again ector.

Just to update this thread and finish it,got Archlabs installed on the computer at last! :relieved:
The last iso I used was corrupted,should have checked it first,but just a few problems left to sort out.
For some reason Xfce power manager is not working,and the screen will not switch off,and screen locking is not working either,but there are a few things I can try to sort that out.
Ordered 2 new network cards,so hopefully at least one should work ok,and the old card is either going in the bin,or a museum as it’s probably older than most of the forum members,and was never very good in the first place,that particular card caused lots of problems for Linux users years ago,so the bin is probably the best place for it. :expressionless:
The errors about microcode needing updating I will live with,tried the automatic way on the Arch wiki,which did not work,so there is only the manual way left which is either edit grub or systemd,and keep doing it every time they are updated,so I will pretend not to see the error at every boot!
Thank you again for your help ector.

as for xfce-power-manger I do not use it, on archlabs, but the screen goes into sleep and in Look screen without problems, try to uninstall it.
although on other archlinux installations, I installed it and it runs on my hp.
for the microcode you should post the error, maybe @ nate, @ dobbie or other forum members, they can help you.