New install issue


I’m trying to install on my laptop.

I’m unable to use the Hotspot from my cellphone, whether I use login or not.

Sadly, it’s the only wifi access I have, I’ve installed many distros previously on this same laptop, I’m using manjaro on it currently, so I know there’s no issues with the hotspot.

During installation of Archlabs, after I select the hotspot, I get this screen and nothing happens, whether it’s password protected or not. Tried both.

Is there a workaround? Because this hotspot is the only internet access I have available.

I’d go to subway station but I’m sure I won’t be able to use their WiFi for sure without browser access.

I am really hoping Archlabs will be my final distro from what I’ve seen but this isn’t working.

Connect before starting the installer, the wiki outlines doing this

The window you’re seeing should also work and is from the command

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Thank you!

Now I keep getting an error during installation… Please see attached images. read only filesystem error.

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The first can be ignored, the second however is because you’re running a very old version of the installer.

Once connected (before running the installer) do

# update the installer
pacman -Syy archlabs-installer

# run the new version (should be 2.1.6X)
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I did that, running new installer.

I received error message when creating swapfile, ignored that thinking I’ll setup swapfile later, now I got a new problem.

Please see image

Oh, I don t have UEFI on my old craptop, & also use GRUB, guess that I can t be of much help sadly.

Must say that it s an error that I never saw on my installs.

Thx for posting images, might help you out in order to get some help from other members .

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What install type did you select?


You mean packstrap.

Try running it again, I’ve pushed a small change so it should auto-update itself when re-run.

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Running again, without reboot, received new error, should I reboot first?

Yea, sadly you’ll need to go through the connecting and updating all over again.

There was a newer iso I linked in another thread but I can’t find it so I’ll just re-link here

Should save the hassle of needing to update every time.

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Copy, I’ll get new iso first, I’m set on doing this, no problem.

Rebooted, updated, installed, success!

Thanks guys for all the help!!!


Glad that you got it to work @Quantumrider

Props to @natemaia

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