New install does not allow me to mount separate /home

Hi all,
Congrats on the new release! And a HUGE thank you for including JWM as a default possibility. I chose just that one wm/de installing into my newly-formatted / partition. Grub goes into efi without formatting it no problem. But, unlike previous installs, i was unable to mount my existing separate /home. It kept insisting that i choose a file system and format the partition before i can choose a mount path. Needless to say, i left /home alone and just installed into the / to check it out. Added jwm configs and everything is awesome except the one glitch. I’d like to redo it getting my proper home back tho. Might well be me after a long day, but just checking to see if there is something different at that point in the install config? Has anyone else seen this? Thx for all you guys do!

Ran into an issue with a shared data partition. The option to skip formatting was unavailable.

There’s a method to file a bug report to the git page; outlined in a forum thread if you have time to search.

Thanks for this, will fix it up.

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New iso is available with fix for this, or you can update the installer on the old one using

pacman -Syy archlabs-installer

Works like a charm! Thanks Nate. You guys are the best!