New Friendship

Is he from Atlanta?

When I used to have long hair, a buddy of mine - who had equally long hair - and I were sitting at a bar, and this guy next to us asked “Hey, are you guys Indians?”.

I told him “Yeah, we’re from Cleveland”.


Hair? What is that? Over the years, I have become a supporter of the low-maintenance, Baltic hair style of my ancestors… :wink: I still use FF

FWIW. Sometimes I live on the edge and play around with vivaldi.

My options are somewhat limited because I use keepassxc for my thousands of passwords.


That’s Simba :smile:

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Yeah I am done with Firefox. I was trying in my own small way to keep the Mozilla Browser dream alive. Too many moves they have made over the last 18 months haven’t sat well with me.

Some of the reasoning behind this really pissed me off

I know they aren’t censoring what we view but the fact they are even talking about it doesn’t sit right with me. I choose to view what I want to view. No corporate will censor what I don’t want to see. If I see something I don’t like I will ignore it.

I am not an advocate for hate speech, but I am an advocate for free speech. If the result of free speech is that you don’t like it, tough. Turn the sound off, leave the room. Remove yourself from the issue.

Anyway, rant over. My friendship with Brave continues to blossom with Brave rewards.


I installed Vivaldi for some of the same reasons. I need to make it default and re-map key bindings.

You know if there is a link to download the deb or rpm file? The site keeps looping back to the edit your sources page. No package for Void except the buggy nightly build.

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Vivaldi or Brave?




Unfortunately, that Brave link gets you to the page with all the procedures to add the Brave repo to the sources list for the package manager. If I try to go to the Brave sources directly, it loops back to that page.

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scroll down a little bit, you will see all download links, for example,

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Ok, so I’m convinced to try Brave. I have just set it up as my default. So far it seems very nice. I’ll have a firm opinion for certain in a week or so. :wink:

I know a year back it classes as spyware.
Think I will use Edge!


Edge also gets a number of iffy concerns (not the least of which is that its M$ proprietary) …

Remember there’s always “dillo”


I know with Edge that I’m going to get it up the A$$. With Brave, I just don’t have enough Vaseline to feel comfortable.


Is it still alive? Haven’t used it for years.

Since several versions ago, Chromium running natively on Wayland crashes the system so hopelessly, that it cannot even shut down. I switched to Firefox everywhere I could, even on Windows at the office. The only Chrom* survived on the Chromebook.

Maybe they’ll make Kiwi browser for Linux.

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I have been trying to stay away from any browsers which are based on Chrome/Chromium.

“Google is evil” :smile:

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Or people will embrace Browsh. lol

I’m still receving emails starting from “Hello Google Play Developer”, but I do agree.

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I gave Brave a try back then and I couldn’t just wrap my head around the ad crap they BS in there. I have QuteBrowser as my main browser, Vivaldi as a secondary when I have other user names logged in separately. I also have Tor well for you know Onion reasons.