New Forum Theme Available


Would be great for my little nephew !


Seeing your pic / a Christmass hat looks weird @Dobbie03 ! lol


Merry Metal Christmas!


You bet ! lol


LOL - oh man. Yeah @altman is right! Seeing you in that hat mate, just made me chuckle.
Outstanding and thank you!


Apparently, Christmas hats is not working for me. I don’t know if the issue is with my phone or not.


Your phone s on the way ! lol

Taught you were on your computer


I don’t think they are available for the Mobile desktop.


Ah, will take a look on my computer when time permits.


Well it works on my tablet and computer. I guess mobile phones will not show up. By the way, some of these looks hilarious, especially yours @Dobbie03.:yum:


lol, you bet @sevenday4


Yet another forum theme available. This one is called “Light”.

If any changes are required or I have missed something let me know.


Very well readable to my handicapped eyes. And yes: it appears on my phone, too. The only improvement I could think of: some shade to the space outside posts and forms.


I don’t think that is possible :frowning:


Than just leave as is.