New Forum Theme Available

Hi Everyone,

I have created a new theme called dARK for the forum. This will match our current default GTK/Openbox theme.

Enable it under Settings-Interface.


Nice Add!

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Top job again @Dobbie03.

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Already done! It makes other colors pop. :wink:

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@Dobbie03 Congratulations, this theme was very cool! :sunglasses:

Now, let me ask you a question…
It is possible to add a little more contrast in the text of the links for example, I tested all the topics of the forum and the “white” is the only one that has links well highlighted, I am not saying that this was bad, is not this but a highlight help in the identification, expedites.

I set an example in the blue color of the white theme

Anyway, it’s just an idea!
Thank you! :grin:

Have made some changes, let me know what you think.

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\o/ It was very good!
Now it’s clearer :grin: thanks!!
And sorry about anything. :+1:

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No need to be apologising.

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Yet another Forum theme available.

This one is call OSX Flat, mainly because that it matches my current theme on my desktop which is named that :D.


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I saw it, it was good too!!

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Yet another theme available. One-Dark.

Thx for that .

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Added a new them which I called "Protanopia-deuteranopia”. I mainly put this one together for @nwg but for those of you who need a bit of contrast this should help.



Thanks one more time!

BTW: they say every 12th male suffers from a kind of color vision deficiency.

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Tht s some change ! Taught it was my vision ! lol

Nicee .

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clueless question #1: where are the settings for these forum themes?

Click on your username on top right then Preferences ( on top right icon again), then scroll down to Interface .Should get there @mechanic

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Thanks mate!

No problem.

A new theme is available for all of you festive types. It’s enabled by default and is called Christmas Hats.

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