New (for me) install problem!

Hi again Archlabers!

I am unable to install Archlabs. From what I can see it has to do with Sourceforge!
Archlabs repo can not install so every attempt ends in error.

I have tried the “iso-copy” choice a couple of times but installer still tries to connect to sourceforge which ends in error.

How do I go about this?


Change the repo order in /etc/pacman.conf

Hi thanks for interest!

I will try that.


It won’t fail install due to this, must be something else.

Well changing repo order did not make any difference.
I have had problems from time to time with Sourceforge.
I will install Endeavour for now instead and hope for a solution later on.


How good is your internet connection? Is it WIFI or ethernet?

I have 250/100 fiber connection.
That should be ok.


Dang, I thought my 300/6 cable connection was good.
That is Clearly not your problem.
What did you use to flash the ISO?

I have 3 different usb-sticks made by etcher, mint-stick, ImageWriter and 3 different downloads to be sure it’s not software-ish.

I wonder if I am the only Scandinavian Archlaber?
I find that Sourceforge is very up and down here!


Try downloading from this one @womp, never know it might work;

Will do!!


Hopefully it will work for you @womp

Back again!
Download of ISO went fine!

Install starts fine with installing kernel but after that it stops with Error. And the error-message is …“no error-message”.
Well I can see what the error is actually! A big bunch of packages that will not install.

I have been trying to install without internet “copying-iso” but the installer tries to connect and tries to download the AL-repo and then stops with error (no error).

I am stuck here!


Do any of the solutions here help?

Specifically, this:

Hi and thanks for interest.
I am trying to install on a HP Probook 640 g1 with intel all the way. Very compatible with linux in general.
I do not get any of the error messages described above. I get one error message that says “no errors” and that is because the installer tries to download AL-repo and fails. Arch vanilla installs. Endeavour OS installs.
My conclusion is that the mirrors does not work very well in Sweden. Sweden is getting isolated is seems.


OK then, have you tried using the same USB stick on another computer?

Yes. Same result.
2 weeks ago I did an install on another computer and it worked without problems.But that was 2 week ago!


OK, if you got it to work before It might be settings with your laptop.
Maybe try again, with the instructions I had referenced above? The errors might be different between my problem and yours, but my solution could be a solution for you easily.
Also, some of the errors I had appear similar to yours, so my solution just might be a solution for you as well.

I am now downloading the beta-iso-2020-03-02. Is that the right one?


I am not 100 % sure if AL-iso-2020-03-02 was the right one!?
I tried that anyway.
I followed the steps with bios and booting i legacy mode. I did boot fine from usb-stick (just as it did before).
Every procedure before install went well.
Install starts and after 40 sec I get an error message showing a whole bunch of packages not able to install. The error message is “no errors”.
Just the same result as before.
I still think it is Sourceforge mirrors that are very unpredictable. When I downloaded beta -iso I had to try all mirrors at least once and then try Cologne a couple of times before I got a download above 10k/s.