New Dune Movie

Holy SHIT!


Looks nice. Bautista as Baron Harkonnen is a great choice. I just hope they haven’t dumbed down the Weirding Way like Lynch did for the first film.


I watched the first one at the theater when it came out. Not so much being a fan of the novel. I was a huge fan of David Lynch.

I never watched that movie again. In fact, I walked out of the movie halfway through it.

Seeing Kyle MacLachlan in the movie “Showgirls”…

He can only blame his choice of roles due to Dune.

The books are a snooze-fest to say the least. I’m looking forward to this one. Never watch the David Lynch version.

Don’t, watch the new one. The former is more like “Battlefield:Earth”.

Really? I love the books, although the prose is a little dry.

I also watched it in the theatre when it came out but I loved it. I was only 10 though.

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I was around 18 years old when I watched it. Stoned. Because I thought it was the kind of movie that you had to get stoned in order to watch it.

I was 10 years old when Star Wars came out. I wasn’t stoned for that one lulz.

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Can’t wait, having seen the trailer.

It’s been a while, I was younger when I read them so maybe I am due for another attempt.

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Actually I only liked the original “Dune” (mean the book). The continuation grew more and more twisted, like the second and third parts of The Matrix.

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Interesting, I never got past the first book. This is piqued my interest.

Read at your own risk. :wink: Something like the 4th and 5th part of the “Wizard of Earthsea” trilogy.


I will take your warning and tread lightly :smiley:

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I’d have to be stoned reading something like that.

I liked the original trilogy.

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Best books of science fiction period! Will wait on judgement of film after I see it.

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OH YEA! Gotta see that!

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@Head_on_a_Stick, I started reading the book again. It is completely different from what I remember. I’m thinking now maybe somehow I started reading one of the later books and for some dumb reason I thought that was the original?? I don’t know.

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Yeah, the mythos gets pretty confusing for the later books so that would explain it. I’m going to have to buy the original now, I haven’t read it for years.

Hype is the mind-killer. I must let it pass through me.

Where the hype has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

I will consume mass quantities of spice when I see this movie for the sleeper must awaken.

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