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I am in the process of working on a new theme but I’d really like some input. If anyone has a custom theme they use and would like to put it forward, please feel free. We would prefer a dark theme.

I don’t want any of the current themes like Arc or Materia. Needs to be completely original.

I’m working on a new one too.

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I know I said I wanted completely original themes, but I came across these today.

Anyone want to test and let me know their thoughts?

This theme is meant to go with this icon theme

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I quite like that. The concept that is. I tend to base all of my themes such as archlabrador around #131920 and tints of that colour. I love it. Cant explain it, it just looks cool.


@Dobbie03 I’ve tried it now but without the icons. I like how it reduces the size of some fonts. I also like the color, although it’s clear to me.


looks good, almost like a flatter better looking adwaita dark theme.


I like that look a lot.


Those gtk themes are nice; that artist has been publishing nice work for quite a while. Check out his entire git page.

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Yeah I have followed his stuff for a while now.


Very clean, very nice, would make a good default theme. :slight_smile:


You could try it with these icons. I really like these, considering including them


Pretty nice @Negata

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@Dobbie03 They are the same icons but without changing the color. I got them from this thread. I add a scrot with the theme I use (AL_dARK) and the same, but the icons look better (sorry, in the previous one they were very small :see_no_evil:)


Gave that stilo themes and the tela icons a try, works and looks good on my openbox setup. The file manager icon looks strange though, just a round blue blob.


Nice looking @s7l

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