New Default Theme Available for Testing


.Xresources has been added for Rofi, i think it still needs some work. Dunstrc has been tidied up. Wouldn’t mind feed back on both of those please.


Thoughts on the wallpaper? Going for an old school #! look on this one.


Wallpaper to test:

A couple more, old school logo:

#45, I have tided this up,

Would you mind checking alignment is all okay.


I got it, thanks!!!


Of course not, I’ll test and I’ll come back with news !!


See, at first I thought it was the extensions, so I disabled all, Firefox in safe mode.

In video



Okay weird, I have updated the link at my gitlab to include the startpage, its a hidden file. Try that one.


The old homepage works without problems until I have removed the AL logo from the background image and some lines in the files, but the new file remains blank, see.

Image 1 - 2


Now it works, but the logo at the bottom remains out of aesthetics.
I think a logo at the top of the search box leaves everything more universal, I do not know if it’s possible to do it now … it’s just a suggestion …

Decreases the opacity of the logo by 50%


Hey mate, can t look at your video, an error occures when trying looking at it. Hope it can help you there.


It’s the Google protections, I updated it with a new link.

#54 , Thx for the comeback mate.


Selection text issue now solved for me. Wallpapers look nice especially the first one. Omnipresent button still show white circle when unfocused. Will the gtk3 apps header bar also have the OSX-style buttons?


I’ll look into that today.


Rofi highlight issue corrected.

@m00n, at this point I’m not going to bother with OSX styled buttons on the CSD apps…might look at it later on.


Okay we are done with this theme so far. PM me if I happened to overlook anything.