New Default Theme Available for Testing


The muted color is nice but I think too drastic color change can get confusing. Maybe muted colors of red and yellow while replacing green with something bluish, Arch logo comes to mind. The red can be pinkish like in your dARK-alt-colours. Just my opinion, I leave it to you Matt. This one is from Yunn Cortez: eOs-Metalic


When you hover the indicator changes to the function. So when you hover over close, it changes to an x.


@m00n, I noticed the colours actually don’t work nicely with the rest of the theme so went a more pastel route:

Still selecting final colours.


I’m excited to try this new theme. Will try it when the ArchLabs release comes with this theme. Meanwhile, I have shared this news in my blog.

Please have a look.


Thank you for this!


@niyasc Very kind.


Very nice, thanks


Has anyone spoken in Firefox ?? :joy:

I have an observation, this logo never fits or stays aligned, in screens of 14, 15,6, 21 it stays just like in the image.

And congratulations to all involved !! :smile:


If you allow me, a little adjustment in the contrast will look great !!!

Sorry for any inconvenience, I think there are more people involved, so this is for everyone, sorry!


I was in the assumption that those black hightlight hasn’t been worked on yet is why I didn’t mention it but made sure to include it in my screenshot. The other one is the white text on Light-grey highlight is unreadable. Also the mismatch buttons on the gtk3 header bar. Thank you for noticing it.


Better !


I love dark looks. I think they look professional and clean. My problem with them is that eventually you’ll use a web-browser with clear-looking pages and you eyes will feel like they want to implode. And so, even though i love dark/black themes, i don’t usually use them for too long.


Hello to all,
what differences are there among the themes I have already downloaded in previous posts, here on the archlabs forum?



Is this the jgmenurc I shared?

# jgmenurc

stay_alive           = 1
#hide_on_startup     = 0
csv_cmd              = pmenu
tint2_look           = 1
at_pointer           = 0
terminal_exec        = termite
terminal_args        = -e
#monitor             = 0

menu_margin_x        = 4
menu_margin_y        = 32
menu_width           = 200
menu_padding_top     = 10
menu_padding_right   = 2
menu_padding_bottom  = 5
menu_padding_left    = 2
menu_radius          = 0
menu_border          = 1
menu_halign          = left
menu_valign          = top

#sub_spacing         = 1
#sub_padding_top     = -1
#sub_padding_right   = -1
#sub_padding_bottom  = -1
#sub_padding_left    = -1
sub_hover_action     = 1

#item_margin_x       = 3
item_margin_y        = 5
item_height          = 30
item_padding_x       = 8
item_radius          = 0
item_border          = 0
#item_halign         = left

sep_height           = 5

font                 = Ubuntu 12px
#font_fallback       = xtg
icon_size            = 24
#icon_text_spacing   = 10
#icon_theme          =
#icon_theme_fallback = xtg

#arrow_string        = ▸
#arrow_width         = 15

color_menu_bg        = #1C2023 100
color_menu_fg        = #A4A4A4 100
#color_menu_border   = #1C2023 8

color_norm_bg        = #1C2023 0
color_norm_fg        = #A4A4A4 100

color_sel_bg         = #8fa1b3 60
color_sel_fg         = #A4A4A4 100
#color_sel_border    = #1C2023 8

color_sep_fg         = #919BA0 40

#csv_name_format     = %n (%g)

Put this in your ~/.config/jgmenu/jgmenurc and “killall jgmenu” then re-open jgmenu. Tell me if that fixes it.

It seems you are using some old themes. Delete those and download from our repo the current themes

The theme here is a more dark grey theme.


Changes for 23/07:

I have added a new alternative window decorations with the pastel colours, this is the Dark-Alt-Window2 obtheme. Please try it out and let me know.


I think I understand where @Glenn is coming from. I did an A/B test between the old vs new theme. I turned up my monitor’s brightness/contrast, solid window background, no transparency. In tne new theme, the text does appear uncomfortably brighter and can be eye-fatiguing after a while. The text on the old theme appears more eye-pleasing. The Mojave-Dobbie-Dark also has this characteristic. Two unfocused windows on top of each other, it is easier to discern the shadow detail of the top window over the bottom on the old theme. I tested a lot of wallpapers and I find the old theme blends better with most wallpapers whereas the new theme appears too forward against the background. The new theme is indeed very nice, just mentioning (hesitantly and hopefully being constructive) what I notice between the old & new. Thanks. :slight_smile:


That’s easy fixed. I’ll change the value of the text.

I’ll come up with a colour for unfocused window borders and see if this helps.

The way I see it is that this is the default theme and there will be a default wallpaper to match it. I don’t know anyone that keeps the default theme once installed :slight_smile:
As long as it looks good for the first boot I am happy.

No need to be hesitant, I appreciate the feedback. I’ll make some changes and work it from there.


@m00n, I have made changes to the text colours and added borders. Let me know your thoughts.


The text is less bright now and not glary as before. I also see the borders on unfocused windows, it made a big improvement in visibility of borders. I like the dARK-Alt-Colours openbox theme. The gray highlight in the GTK Appearance and Openbox Configuration Manager makes the light text unreadable though I’m sure you know it already. It just keeps getting better… Thanks man!


I think I have fixed that selection text issue, can someone please confirm.