New Default Theme Available for Testing


Hi All,

We are changing up the default theme for the upcoming release. Please download and test from here.

We will eventually add to the Testing Repo.

Also I am thinking of using the Suru++ Aspromauros icon theme. Still not decided on this as the ArchLabs-Light icon theme works with this theme nicely already.

Get it from the AUR.

Please test and post any feedback here, will update once added to the testing repo. I’m working on this over the next few days so expect this thread to be spammed by me.


  • Added Geany colour scheme. This is in the .config file. Named ArchLabs-dARK.
  • Jgmenu added and updated.
  • st colour theme added.
  • Alternative window buttons added. The final choice will be decided by the poll included.
  • Polybar updated to new scheme. Please advise if I missed anything there. You will need to change in the config file the path to master and modules with your username.
  • Custom Firefox CSS included, read changelog on how to use.
  • Options on a new theme for mouse cursor.
  • Unfocused window decoration change as per @m00n.
  • Dunst updated and included.
  • Alternative window decoration colours to replace the OSX traffic lights New Default Theme Available for Testing

View Changelog for more details.

Please vote on your preferred choice of window controls.

  • OSX-esque traffic lights
  • Classic ArchLabs look

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please vote of your preferred cursor theme

  • Bibata_Ice Cursor
  • Capitaine Cursors
  • ArchLabs Current Default

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This is what is in place so far, ignore the wallpaper as that is being worked on as we speak.

Updated look, the polybars are mine not the final look.

July 2018 Screenshot Thread

Right on man, I’m on it.


Thanks @Glenn. If you could test with both the Suru++ and the AL-Light icons for me please. Post any scrots, let me know of any issues.


I shall man… ASAP


Excellent, thank you.


Ya think maybe a little bright man?


I’m not sure if you’re pulling my tit or not? :smiley: It’s nice and dark.

P.S. just pushed an update, adding a lighter colour to the focused window border.


:smile: Yeah, I am. Looks awesome man but may be a little dark Ha ha ha!

Your not laughing Matt… Ha ha ha ha

It looks good man :slight_smile:


haha! Yeah I thought it was a touch dark, hence the addition of the border.


Yet another update. A rogue character in the themerc was causing a colour issue in obmenu.

All tidied up now. Also changed up obmenu text colour to #A4A4A4.


Are there any objections to the OSX-esque traffic light window controls? Will include and alternative option just in case.



The Firefox CSS I added puts your window controls on the left for FF, you will need to disable your titlebar in the Firefox Customisation menu for these to show.


This ArchLabs-dARK theme is very nice. I’m fine with the darker shade. If you do make a Light version, may I suggest to tone down the white to something like #E3E3E3. I like the OSX-esque traffic light window controls. Any thoughts on changing the colors a bit so it’s not exactly OSX ? I find the white circle buttons distracting. I was used to a blank title bar for inactive windows like before, maybe make the white circle buttons dimmer. The Suru++Aspromauros is too bright, the Papirus-Paper icons is already perfect.


I don’t think I’ll bother with a light variant this time around.

I haven’t but if you’d like to make some changes or suggest some colours we can test.

I’ll darken them up a bit. Good idea.

Yeah I also had that thought earlier on, I agree that the AL icons look better.


@m00n, changes have been made to the window buttons on the unfocused windows. Let me know what you think.


For the button colors, something like this palette, less bright colors and the green color is replaced:
Program Catalog Color Palette


Thanks for that link. Let me see what I can come up with. Did you like the change of the unfocused windows?


Dimmed buttons of unfocused windows is perfect !


Have added some alt colours for the window decs, let me know what you think @m00n!