New BunsenLabs release

Check it out:

This will be going on the spare craptop ASAP.

Congratulations to the team.


Good news. good luck to them. Very nice job.

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Gksudo is being abandoned, does the AL plan to make that change for the next release? " Debian Bug report ", with the use of beesu or pkexec for example!

I like and I have used a lot of systems based on Debian … but there is something I do not like … this negotiation of ppa, snap … some keys and repositories, anyway … installs in Debian are very complicated, a 3 MBs app becomes 160 Mbs … different from a simple “pacman -S” command that solves everything for you and is more transparent.

But it is a matter of taste and is only an opinion of its own.

Congrats BL!

Yes we are working through that now.

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Yes, finally, very nice and sweet. :slight_smile:

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I just installed this. It is impressive to say the least.

what you like there? what impress you the most?

The look, man it is swish. Ease of install. The welcome script.

The BL boys have really put out a top notch release.


Agree, it’s polished and looks gorgeous. And they made hidpi openbox theme, it’s nice to see.

Just love the tty log in feature. Something for you guys? :slight_smile:

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Will need to take a look at it :slight_smile:

Congrats to them , here from BL s Forum actually.Saw Dobbie03 s posts/threads in there, why not trying it out.

I have been a forum member since the beginning, used to hang out at the old #! forums too.

Yep, see you out there quite often.

Yup good bunch of guys, I like it there.

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