New ArchLabs Wallpapers


One of these will be default. The other included


The first is very nice.


It looks great, but i’d rather have the icon more on the bottom right. I prefer the second one, the first one overlapping doesn’t look so great imo.


These are real slick.


Very good!!! :metal::+1:


I like the first, but both are nice. When it comes to wallpaper choices i say more is better. I switch mine often.


That’s why we don’t provide any other than the default. Wallpaper is a personal preference. Better to just have a default wallpaper which 99.9% of people change anyway.


Like this


If I had to pick one of the two to be the new default, I’d choose the first one.


that is what we have done :smiley:


Nice wallpapers in there.


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