New ArchLabs Beta ISO available for testing

Did that end up with a closer time?

Setting icons to ArchLabs-Dark on Arch results in similar execution time on both installs.

Nice, cause I was looking too but there’s just nothing to do with our install procedure that could change performance. I guess the svg’s are just faster? Was the other theme svg as well?

I was on ePapirus, which I like. They’re svg.

Very strange, archlabs-dark/light are just papirus with customizations/additions so I’m even more confused now :crazy_face:

Maybe something is wrong with my icons, downloaded from GnomeLook.

Yea possibly, I’d try the arch package and see

Not exactly what I expected, but much better than previous results. ArchLabs-Dark icon theme.


  • nwgbar 70-75 ms
  • nwggrid 125-130 ms

Arch / sway:

  • nwgbar 90-95 ms
  • nwggrid 185-190 ms

Arch / i3

  • nwgbar 55-60 ms
  • nwggrid 150-155 ms

[nwggrid works with much more icons on my Arch install]

I’ve tested the iso in a WM with Bspwm session and the script detected and installed the virtualbox-modules-arch package but the service wasn’t enabled, I had to install the linux-headers, alsa-utils to make the volumeicon to launch alsamixer in xterm. Other than that I saw a bunch of warmings during the installation process but it seems that for now they don’t have any inpact what so ever. I will continue to run my workflow and report more if necessary. Pretty minimal and I like it.
ps: my keyboard layout didn’t match what I chose (fr).

Most of the warnings are just pacman regarding skipping already installed packages.

The keyboard layout seems to be an ongoing problem, will look into it more before stable release.

Same goes for the vbox modules, they should be enabled but I’m probably missing something.

Thanks for the test install!

Don’t forget to post your bugs here for easy tracking

Oh hella Yesh! A beta!!! Now I have something to do for Sunday!!

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What do you mean? Sunday is almost over here in Future World. :smiley:

Whooop!!! Tis true, now if you can only let me know some lotto numbers;)

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If only Future World worked like that…

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lol, reminds me of Futurama !

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I tried it out this morning and the installer looks clean and perfect

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2 times i install with the beta iso .
first the plasma desktop but without asking it install the compleet kde ?
Then with xfce and the same .
Stuff i don’t ask and use .

Plasma s part of KDE, might be the reason you had KDE installed. @Benny

What s the issue with your XFCE install.(DE or some dependencies for OpenBox if installed.

& what de didi you installed & use.

Then remove what you don’t want.

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