New ArchLabs Beta ISO available for testing

Is it possible that’s because of the difference in cached and desktop entries? 66 vs 9 for cache, 115 vs 74 for .desktop.

Outside of that I’m not sure what could be causing such a difference in time, we’re not doing anything fancy with the install.

Take it up with grub-install that thing’s cancer imo.

The console keymap should be in /etc/vconsole.conf but I agree, something’s up.

Just personal preference. The program is installed in the live ISO and I managed to add it to the installer with a single line (as I’m sure you know) so it would be nice to have it included.

No, that file was not generated but /etc/default/keyboard & /etc/vconsole.conf were present and correct IIRC.

I’ll run the installer again later to check and post back.

Update it before doing so, I pushed a few changes since. should be 2.1.19

Hi,sorry if I disturb, but there are still polybar and openbox in this ISO ?!

Nothing is on the iso aside from basic packages needed for installation. Polybar has been dropped for a while and won’t be making a return, users that want to continue using polybar should do so with the AUR package.

Openbox and other DE/WM are available as options during install same as other releases the last year+.

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Thank @natemaia

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Parsing cache is being done in no time, but building up gui may be the explanation. No easy way to check at the moment. Thanks anyway.

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Okay, tried again with v2.1.23 (you update fast) and had the same issue with X11 — there was no file at /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/00-keyboard.conf at all. The TTY configuration & /etc/default/keyboard were fine though.

I even tried copy&pasting the lines from the installer that create 00-keyboard.conf and they did work (once I had set $MNT & $KEYMAP) so I’m at a loss as to why it fails.

Here’s the debug log:

Yea I thought maybe missing dir but nope, gonna do a few installs and see if I can find it. Thanks for the log, definitely ran the commands that create the file cat .. , maybe the heredoc is messing with it.

I have installed the beta version and it runs without “errors”, but when i run “baph -u” it updates the official repos how it should but stop/hangs at synchronising AUR package versions… and this for hours…

Not a big problem, but i cant solve it…

Here is a pic:


this error also occurs in the previous version.
Maybe it’s a baph bug.

In the previous version i don`t have this problem, but yes, it is a baph bug… i think… EDIT: It was my fault… see my comment below…

OK. My problem is solved. I forgot to “chmod +x …”
After doing that, it works as it should.

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… sourceforge sucks on download speed :japanese_ogre: so I can’t test it yet :pouting_cat: :joy:

I had this yesterday as well but I cancelled and ran again and it went without issue, I don’t think it’s a bug or anything, just delayed or bad response from, It definitely shouldn’t hang for that long though so I’ll add a timeout.

Will push an update with timeouts today, thanks for the catch.

Side note, why are you making a local copy and sed ...? There’s no "response == 0" anymore so it’s not doing anything.

cp should preserve most file attributes so no need to chmod if it’s already executable (which it is).

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I’m no less confused now after doing a bunch of installs, everytime the damn xorg keyboard config is there after install. No idea wtf but I’ll keep doing some test installs with other keyboard settings to see if maybe it’s that.

Yes i know that now. I have do that in the past and it worked. No idea that you have change that. Yes i know, i have to look more into the code.


@natemaia, sorry for bothering you with the issue related to my Arch install again. I simply have no idea what I’m doing wrong. :0

The above is not the case when using nwgbar, as I’m testing on AL and Arch with the same 4 GTK buttons.


$ nwgbar
4 bar entries loaded
WM: sway
Using /home/piotr/.config/nwgbar/style.css
Focused display: 0, 0, 1920, 1080
Time: 333


$ nwgbar
4 bar entries loaded
WM: i3
Using /home/piotr/.config/style.css
Focused display: 0, 0, 1920, 1080
x: 0 y: 0
Time: 91

When tested w/ hardinfo, both installs show almost identical performance on X11; arch + sway looks slightly better. The only difference there is in the GPU Drawing value:

  • ArchLabs/i3: 6682
  • Arch/i3: 18047
  • Arch/sway: 3801

No idea where to start from…

My answer was simple: the icon theme affects the time of generation icon buttons much more than I expected.