New ArchLabs Beta ISO available for testing


Cool in there.

So … it’s been 24 hours and I thought I would leave me bits (in general)
What I like about this Beta:

  1. It stays true to what I think are the standards that make this a solid “Arch”
  2. To expand; I tried several variations of “Arch” distros. They all have a few things in common
    a. There is a theme that (to me) is too over the top.
    b. There have been changes to things I don’t feel are needed. Case in point, There is a variant that begins with an A and ends with an O When I ran it, I liked it. That is until changes were made to the host file. I wanted my host file to be vanilla - I need to make my own entries, not have it populated with 5 billion lines of blocking bits.
    c. I want a variation Arch that allows me to add what I want at the beginning. And more importantly, not pile on fluff. BUT, allows quick and easy install. I don’t mind doing the long walk on an Arch install. But there are many times, I just want to get it installed.
  3. The Team appears to take all of the above and produce just the Arch I want to install.

The above is what I look for in an Arch system.
You guys have found a winning combination of ease, practicality, simplicity and function.
I can certainly say that my systems will continue to have both Arch and ArchLabs installed.
And with all the hopping I have done, that’s a pretty solid statement on my part!

Kudos to all involved!


Very happy to hear that! Cheers for the feedback.

I really appreciated this about 90 minutes into my Windows 10 re-install this morning.

Went fast @PackRat ! lol

Feel for yea, even windows updates take years to do.

My wife has to use W10 for her study. I spent half an hour just getting Outlook to connect to gmail properly. I’m tempted to just chuck AL on there with Gnome and not tell her. She will probably wonder why she is working so much more efficiently than before.

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This happend to me as well.

Same here. My wife has to use Windows 10 for work and Girl Scouts because of QA/QC. Company just got her a new laptop. My kids needs Windows for schoolwork to access their back-office system or whatever it is. Those are the only reasons Windows is installed on any computer.

Back on topic, AL beta iso install running just fine with ssh, ftp, and samba services active. My youngest uses it for gimp; she loves that program.


Hello and thanks for your reply .
I play around for some time and install xfce and awesome with the same beta iso .
I delete awesome , nothing for me but the xfce i like and it runs very good and see no other bugs in the iso . The plasma install the entire kde , no way to chance this .

Cool @Benny , yep Plasma s part of KDE, so loads of dependencies as well.

That’s interesting… I have both my Hotmail and Gmail accounts on Outlook without too much trouble. Although, at one point my Hotmail account wanked out and had to tie it to a Outlook account. That was a major pain. What version of MS Office is she using? n because of this Wuhan virus or Coronavirus, I won’t be back at work till April 28th, so I might play around with this beta install and put it on metal and see what shakes.

I can not login with openbox/xfce/bspwm + ly-dm but lightdm work fine

Thanks for the info, I’ll look into Ly, possibly needs an update.

Clean install on Toshiba Laptop.

Keyboard was working OTOB - so +1 for ArchLabs; usually I have to use a kernel parameter at boot for the keyboard to work.

Everything working out of the box; partitioned before install and ArchLabs found and mounted the efi partition no problems.

Edit - everything all configured (sound etc …) no issues. Well done team.


Error during installation. Seems like couldn’t download base-devel, nor xorg. Happened when GNOME was to be installed, with wifi connection working properly, as I had no such problems when I went with

KDE Plasma.

Wonder if it has anything to do with this link;

You installed with KDE no issues & when installing Gnome it what s the issues come from right !

Interesting… I mean I was installing ArchLabs today from the beta ISO. I wonder that since the newest release was downloaded from the internet today, it probably would not need manual configuration from back in December…?


Not sure tho.

I would try it anyways, never know.

Anyways, you can do whatever you want to.

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Hello Great Team
after one month of test, i have one bug:
with my trackpad sometimes all screens for all desktop are fix. i can do nothing, there are no keyboard response.
just i can poweroff.
my laptop is a teclast f6.
Nonetheless the distribution is very clean and i work everyday with git, freeoffice, gcc without problem.
really nice release.