New Archbang release

The illustrious @mrgreen has put out a new release.

i3wm is the default wm. Congrats to @mrgreen. A true legend.


Oh, that will be interesting. Thx for sharing @Dobbie03

Thanks @Dobbie03.
Strange than there is 1G to download.
I will check it.

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Cool news, thanx.

ArchBang rocks. It’s as bare bones as one would want, then add what you need. Going to load this one tonight.

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“I am really surprised today ArchBang has had over 3500 downloads this week. An all time record. Have to blame (or thank) Matt at ArchLabs for letting users know of release.”

This is what its all about.


LOL @mrgreen. I’m taking no credit, it’s probably a bit to do with that Archbang now uses i3 as it’s default wm over Openbox.

Thanks for the heads up @xstefen

Oh, didn t know about that , it used to be on OpenBox !

I am typing in ArchBang right now. I downloaded the Openbox config off the repo for when I load that.

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Damn, looks like he is hanging up his cleats:

I am uploading a new iso (kernel update mostly). Looking at two more weeks before final release of ArchBang. I have been making isos for near ten years now. Think it is time to retire. There are so many live Arch based isos out there and ArchBang can no longer compete. Most are far more polished and filled with all kinds of goodness.

Donations this year have been so few which I fully understand given current climate, but I am no longer able to cover costs.

That s some good news in there @drummer

@altman I dunno, hangin’ them up kinda makes me bummed, I dig AB, maybe he just couldn’t keep up with all the new users coming to it. His latest ISO shot up the ranks on Distrowatch with his i3 config. I am gonna download his latest ISO and put it on one of my other machines. Hopefully things pick up for him as far as support, I’d donate to all the ones I use, but right now cashish is a bit tight.

Yes sir @drummer . I would have it with OB on my end, but wonder if I ll install it.

Too bad, another fine distro is getting discontinued. Didn’t realize AB has been around for 10 years.

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Yep, good news about the release but bad about discountinuing it, hopefully it will do the same as BunsenLabs did to the continuation of CrunchBang .

MrGreen is a fucking cool dude. If ArchBang ended it would be a dark day.

He got so much bad feedback on the change to i3 though, personally I thought he did a great job.

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@Dobbie03 Yeah I went back to one of his older Openbox ISO’s because I liked that it was bare bones, and didn’t have a ton of gak to edit or re-config to where I like it. But his i3 was nice too, I guess that kind of got away from it being a Crunchbang sort of fork. All my Openbox setups really just go back to #!, and Openbox can be config’d to almost any desktop you want, that’s why I like it. Although it’s always Crunchbang lulz.

Well #! Spirit at least :smiley:

I think it was bullshit the kickback MrGreen received. It’s not like it is hard to install Openbox.

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Not once one figures out what you need to do after install, because at first, all one has is a right click menu and that’s it. No panel/bar, no wallpaper, etc. Myself, I don’t add much to AL’s default, just change the tint bar to BL’s (because it’s like #!'s old tint bar) and it’s really minimal (I have read a few reviews over AL, and everyone raves how minimal it is), and I am finding myself more immersed into the desktop because there is noting else, no shiny objects, to distract me. AB is super minimal as well, and in the Linux world, people who have been using it for a number of years usually build their desktops for what they need to execute day to day, and those who want to Plasma or unixporn the hell out of their desktops are pretty much doing that for that reason. And while that’s fine, well in the end all that fancy gak on the desktop is covered by a window with an application anyway. I mean if you’re using i3, you’re using it to take advantage of screen real estate, so I don’t see the point of going all unixporn with i3, but there is a huge market out there for it - thus a distro like Regolith for example - so I can see where AB’s change may have been lost on a few of it’s userbase, it was a huge change, and not having it as a option like AL has might have been a bit of a miscalculation. Think if Crunchabng made a major shift away from Openbox, or even went all Mabox with it. There is bound to be pushback, and if you’re going to make a shift towards i3, well all the kids over at unixporn are doing Arch and i3 already, so unless you’re gearing i3 to attract people have moved there already, or can build i3 on Arch, well it’s basically like being a dude who wants to hookup with a lady, going to the club, and the ratio of women to men finds you in a sausage fest full of i3 dudes lulz. It’s hard to stand out.

Edit to add: it takes a village to build and maintain a distro, BL is carefully planning strategy for the eventual move to Wayland from what I have read over there, but it’s seems like there is a team behind BL, and for MrGreen, AB is a labor of love and people benefit because of it. But building and maintaining a distro is like giving out free beer, eventually someone is going to ask for a seasonal oatmeal stout with the preferred amount of alcohol content, oh and by the way, can you brew this by the weekend? TIA bruh, or and add a polybar with it because they look so damn cool.

That’s too bad. Variety is the spice of life.