New Archbang release

The illustrious @mrgreen has put out a new release.

i3wm is the default wm. Congrats to @mrgreen. A true legend.


Oh, that will be interesting. Thx for sharing @Dobbie03

Thanks @Dobbie03.
Strange than there is 1G to download.
I will check it.

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Cool news, thanx.

ArchBang rocks. It’s as bare bones as one would want, then add what you need. Going to load this one tonight.

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“I am really surprised today ArchBang has had over 3500 downloads this week. An all time record. Have to blame (or thank) Matt at ArchLabs for letting users know of release.”

This is what its all about.


LOL @mrgreen. I’m taking no credit, it’s probably a bit to do with that Archbang now uses i3 as it’s default wm over Openbox.

Thanks for the heads up @xstefen

Oh, didn t know about that , it used to be on OpenBox !

I am typing in ArchBang right now. I downloaded the Openbox config off the repo for when I load that.

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