New Arch Installer

I got it working with a GNOME desktop installation, the awesome configuration failed with a Python error.

It seems to only support UEFI with systemd-boot at the moment.


Interesting. Sort of does away with the need for easy installers from third parties now…

Especially once it has developed further.

Especially if this sticks around in future Arch releases.

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Yes indeed. I have to say though that as it stands the ArchLabs installer seems to do a better job but having the installer as a Python module is a really interesting idea.

There’s a lively discussion thread about it over at the Arch forums:


How surprising, it’s starting to turn into an argument.


The fact that there is much consternation over an installer shows that Arch isn’t so much a distro as it’s a religion to Arch evangelists and flock.

To me, you can always have the option of doing it one way or the other way. EOS was ranked something like 56th or lower in Distrowatch’s list last year around this time, and now they are currently at #6, with Arch and #14, and Garuda at #13. Manjaro still holds steady at #2.

Whatever people think about DW’s list - whether it’s a proper metric or not - most blogs always look to it as the metric of popularity when it comes to Linux distros. DW has been around forever, so the rankings do mean something, and it’s showing three Arch based distros, two of them which have shot up the charts, more popular because of how it’s iterated, and a Calamares installer which had become a universal one with most Arch based distros.

And a boring argument at that.

Get a life Arch Guy, tech moves forward, not stays in one place.

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Yeah I don’t understand that. Linux itself being a religion of sorts makes more sense than a distribution to me. But. hey! We are all different.

Endeavour OS is doing shit right, it feels a lot like AL but with Calamares. Most people want simple installs, not kitchen sink installs (a la some distro I won’t mention here). They want to make the decision on what to install (again the same unmentioned distro fails here). Endeavour does this.

People take it as gospel. The charts can be fucked with by bots. All it does is record hits to that distro on their site. Personally, I find it as accurate as a blind man in a shoot out.

I personally take nothing from DW it serves in my mind as an archive of all the Linux distros out there and nothing more.

P.S. this convo needs it’s own thread.

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The problem with “The Arch Evangelists” and the respective flock is they don’t find Arch inclusive, but rather exclusive. I can imagine how crazy Reddit is over this, I had one Arch Guy over at that cesspool tell me last year when the Calamares Arch came out over at Sourceforge tell me that it wasn’t meant for anyone but for people like him, and he misrepresented the Arch team, alluding with much falseness that he was one of the maintainers. He even went as far to tell me Arch was the de-facto Linux over at Google I/O lulz, he wasn’t even there.

I was like “Sure, besides all the Macbooks and Macs there, I am sure they are going to chose Arch over Debian. Right”.

I prefer AL’s installer, it allows me more options and control. I can shrink the install or load up the boat, it’s up to me to chose. Anarchy should get with your team in order to figure out how to do it, they are close, but no cigar, yet.

I don’t know about that, well maybe most experienced users who chose Arch do, but Reborn, Garuda, Bluestar, Archman, Bloat etc. may show otherwise.

Sure, but most reviews on YouTube always look to it as a barometer of temperature and heat, nobody mentions Slant rankings, which may be more, or less accurate, no one really knows, but the fact that it’s pretty much the de-facto list simply because there are no real other lists out there that have press releases from maintainers on the same page pretty much makes DW what it is, despite bots or whatever.

I suppose I am talking from my point of view…maybe…I can’t imagine why you’d want an install with multiple file explorers or text editors.

I do too.

This. It is the “best” guide we have.

You wouldn’t believe how file managers are a thing with me lulz. I had like ten of them on my iPhone at one point, because while every one of them had a feature I could use, there wasn’t one of them which had all the features I could use.

Problem with that was iOS itself, and the way they did their file system. I was helping the host and producer of the TV show “This Old House” do his presentation for a conference, and he did everything from his iPad. We had to hard wire it into video switch, nobody thought of syncing gak on that gig, nobody consulted me prior to it. His only issues about doing it via iPad was due to iOS’s file system, to which I told him “Yeah, I agree, I have like ten file managers on my iPhone”, lulz.

I am a dual pane file manager guy, mc works fine for me.

LOL I have two. Thunar for when I am feeling lazy, which is often. noice for the terminal.

Anyway it will be interesting to see how this installer develops. I’m guessing it will be quite interesting.

I think a few Arch users need to pull up their panties and get use to that there is now a Arch installer. For me it doesn’t matter if there is an installer or not. :man_shrugging:


I think what is either interesting or not with the installer is Arch’s eternal question of “How to deal with all the n00bs” lulz. Because people who are using distros as the aforementioned pretty much already are, in various iterations of it.


This is it right there.

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Personally, I think n00bs will help make the tech better, if your tech is only for a subset of users, so be it, being that it’s open source, others with just fork it anyway, and you might as well lead from up front, rather than stare at the lead dogs butthole while bringing up the rear.

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They will have to have a section dedicated to the installer and newbie questions.


File managers you say? I have 2 for terminal plus 2 standard ones and I use them all at different points for different things.
Text editors? 3! micro in terminal, subl3 for daily use and xed for quick use of the printer.
Image viewers? I have 4 but only use 3.
Need I say more? :grin::rofl:
Each to his own ways of strange, I love this freedom!


Exactly :smiley: This I have no issue with, and why would I? :smiley:

I wasn’t very clear initially. I didn’t and still don’t see the point of shipping so many options of each app when they are a simple install once you have completed your Distro install. Why make the initial download so large when you can provide the basics at the start and let the user install what they want? Keeps your install cleaner as well, if you uninstall you are left with a lot of left over cruft such as config files etc. Easier to let the user install what they want later on.

Also for those on limited usage it makes life a little easier.

Just how I see things. Nothing more than that.


lol, they may have to think twice before they say “btw, I use Arch” :smile:


Maybe they will :smiley:

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was an elaborate April Fools joke that has gone too far :slight_smile:

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