New AL Review


Cool, thx for sharing @Dobbie03

Nice. Tyler is good.

Holy cow! This guy speaks too fast for me to be able even to read subtitles. :rofl:

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Put it at half speed ! lol



Tbh i really like his accent. Question to the native Poms here – based on his accent, what part of England is he likely from? I’m always curious…

He is new to me, but i’ve now added him to my list of Nix YTs to review each month or two. After watching his AL review i watched these… he is pretty amazeballs IMO.

Sounds like Estuary English to me but it isn’t very pronounced. Mrs. HoaS is a native Londoner and we have to watch our step in our house so we don’t trip over all of the dropped h’s :smiley:

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Ta, but OMZ it’s so confusing! Not his actual voice [= easy & obvious for me to grasp], but the technical explanations of accents are extraordinary.