New AL-DK install!

These aren’t valid rules. Specify the class, title, or instance to be matched then the rule setting.

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Sounds great. I’m gonna test out all the crash fixes as well as the new status stuff more in depth now.

Portability Related:
I’ve still had the compile errors on gentoo but have got it fixed now. Please see the diff in my dk/gentoo branch I created earlier on Bitbucket to be able to triag it. I can send you a PR but it would probably be easier for you to just change the one line on your end.

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Ok. Thanks.
I will figure it out…, eventually!



No crashes so far after using it pretty heavy!

All the new status types are running perfect except for layout.

dkcmd status type=layout num=1 works as expected

dkcmd status type=layout works as expected when changing layout of current workspace, but doesn’t when changing to a workspace that has a different layout

This rule will cause all instances of xfce4-terminal, including the drop-down, to float:

dkcmd rule class="^xfce4-terminal" stick=true float=true

The issue you have is that “xfce4-terminal” and “xfce4-terminal --drop-down” have the same name and class string. No way around that.

But that will give you xfce4-terminal --drop-down as floating for your scratchpad terminal, and you can use urxvt (or whatever your terminal of choice is) as your regular terminal.

screenshot or it didn’t happen:

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I have tried so many combinations now that I am dizzy!
So many dkrc errors!!

But your suggestion worked!! (without class= title= instance= type= role= !?)
Thank you very very much!!
I will work on size and placement tomorrow!


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Oh man, it keeps you busy. :grinning:


Lol, that s what I was also thinking !

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Yeah this is the one WM that takes him a couple of weeks to configure, rather than configuring 14 WM’s in two weeks. :grinning:


Ha ha !!
I tried to be thorough for once! (did not do me much good=))


No, you did good. At least you found a memory bug in the code. None of us did the same although we have used dk longer than you do.

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Pure newbie-luck.


Done and done, thanks for that. In truth ld flags are supposed to go after everything and I rearranged cause it was nicer compiler output, stupid.

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This is very helpful and I can fix it easily.

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Good deal man. I’m just trying to be the painter doing touch up at this point. Painting houses is my trade. Really like your spec house of a window manager.

Edit: I just do title work for oil and gas lawyers as the current day job because it pays the bills. Miss working with my hands.


I introduced this just last weekend with a supposed “fix”, turns out it just made things worse lol.

Hi again!
I am testing out dk in my way and with what I need and I have only come across one (1) thing.
Itś with Wine. (I am not saying it is a dk problem but with i3, qtile, bspwm, dwm, awesome I do not have this problem)

  • I have a wine window open on ws=x and switch to ws=y and then switch back the wine window will be gone but my composing/arranging software still runs somewhere but I can not get it back.

Just a minor problem.


Hi again!

On bitbucket I have found “The script-folder”. Various scripts for dk-wm!
I am trying to set up the It worked right away but I can´t get it to float!
I have tried:

dkcmd rule title="^st -c 'stfloat' -g 85x25+550+300" class="^st -c '$title'" stick=true float=true
dkcmd rule title="^st -T 'stfloat' -g 85x25+550+300" class="^st -c '$title'" stick=true float=true
dkcmd rule title="^st -c 'float-term' -g 85x25+550+300" class="^st -c '$title'" stick=true float=true

But I obviously don´t know what I am doing!
St does not seem to need a patch to make floating though!


You made it complicated.

dkcmd rule class="^St$" float=true

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That will make every instance of st float, I believe.

In the script, the scratchpad terminal is spawned with:

st -c "$title"

@womp - the “-c” sets the class for the terminal, so try:

dkcmd rule class=scratchpad float=true

I used that command on my system and it worked.

If you want use a terminal other than st, read the terminal man page to see how the set the class (or instance, or title) for the terminal and substitute for the “st -c”