New AL-DK install!

Hi again!

Have made a reinstall of AL and trying to set up DK.
I start through xinitrc.
Have installed sxhkd and start sxhkd in .xprofile (or is xinitrc a better way?)
I have made a couple of keybindings to firefox and thunar.
The good thing is that now the windows split nicely!
Only a few keybinds work. alt+p, alt+w (firefox), alt+t (thunar) super+Return for example.
Can not change workspace and most dk-keybinds do not work.

# view, send, or follow to a workspace (by number)
alt + {_,shift + ,ctrl + }{1-9,0}
        dkcmd ws {view,send,follow} {1-9,10}

is default in dk sxhkdrc so nothing is changed.
dkrc is also default.

What am I missing!


Oops ididit again! (chmod+x)!
Now keybindings is working!

And unfortunately the problem with splitting windows is back!

Got a dkrc error. Invalid command: wixn_minxy. What is that? What do I change that to?

Not able to change modkey to super.


If you use .xinitrc, .xprofile is not executed unless specifically called.

Copy the sample configs from /usr/share/doc/dk/ over, don’t change anything. After you figure out how it works, change them to fit your needs.

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The super modkey is something sxhkd related and out of my control. However the window splitting is my problem and should be fixed ASAP.

Interesting that it only happens after loading the dkrc. As a temp fix I would remove the msplit=0.5 and ssplit=0.5 from the dkcmd set ws=_ line.

Removing msplit and ssplit seem to have solved it!

Thanks so much!!


It’s not solved yet, just avoided. Something is going on with floating point numbers on your system that I haven’t seen before. What’s your locale?

cat /etc/locale*

After commenting out wixn_minxy I can change ws and use lin-key (apple-command-key) as super!
(from first boot I got a dkrc error saying that wixn_minxy is unknown)


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sv_SE.UTF-8 UTF-8

What’s that? Where did you put it?

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Its min_xy I believe, look at the man and find it, should explain better or I’ll elaborate later.

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It think it should be :

dkcmd set win_minwh=50 win_minxy=10

my dkrc has

dkcmd set wixn_minxy

I will fix that!


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I don’t believe the default has any errors or misspellings so it must be something you’ve changed

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No. It must have happened here.


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I am fiddling with polybar now and I wonder if itś possible to include polybar launch in dkrc and how do I do that?

# Terminate already running bar instances
killall -q polybar

# Wait until the processes have been shut down
while pgrep -u $UID -x polybar >/dev/null; do sleep 1; done

# Launch bar
polybar bar/example &
#polybar bot
echo "Bars launched..."

like this?


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Create a bash script with those commands and call it from the dkrc.


# terminate running bars
killall -q polybar

# wait until processes have shut down
while pgrep -u $UID -x polybar >/dev/null; do sleep 1; done

# lauch the bars
polybar dkwm-bar &

Change dkwm-bar to whatever you named the your polybar.

Make the script executable, then in your dkrc file: &

Make sure to save your script to somewhere on your path.

The polybar wiki has another example.

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I just put

pkill polybar ; polybar -r dk &

In my dkrc, just change the name of the bar to yours. Worked fine.


That’s how I start polybar in my bspwmrc.


I think I got the method I used from @cog though I could be wrong. Normally I start Polybar through my .xinitrc.

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It’s better to start at the end of bspwm/dk config file. .xprofile is executed before the actual Window Manager starts.

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Thanks for letting me know.